Review: Sana Hiaruronsan Moisture Gel

Let’s face it. I am a sucker for cute, gimmicky products. This first caught my eye when I read Kathi’s review over two years ago but I resisted spending the money as I had no need for it. 
I’m not sure if it’s the dreadfully hard water we get here in Canterbury OR the cold, dry weather OR both but my skin’s been really acting up recently (together with my weight which seems to be constantly going up the scale!!) so I got really desperate and remembered this little product so I quickly purchased it off ebay! 
When I first received it, I went 
*OMG it’s tiny!!!!* and saw it only had 25g in it, which makes it pretty expensive by my standards T__T
Here’s how it looks in the pot:
The content reminds me of a slightly runnier version of Vaseline minus the greasiness! This multi-purpose product can be used all over the face and body though I doubt the little tub will last very long should you use it on your body! Apparently you can apply this over your make-up which is not something I will be going to do as I do not want to risk smearing blush all over my nose. *you get the gist*
I had some dry, blotchy patches on my cheeks *thank you, Origins* and my hands were peeling *thank you Bake and Bite* so I applied them over my usual skin care routine (after moisturizer) just like how one would apply Clinique’s Moisture Surge Gel. The difference with this is I only apply it on the dry spots because I felt it would be a waste of money should I apply it all over my face and I didn’t want the product to run out so quickly! 
Say hello to a very dry finger with a dollop of Hiaruronsan Moisture Gel!
The texture’s very firm, unlike that of Clinique’s Moisture surge Gel or Biotherm’s Aqua Source moisturisers which are more watery but this gel absorbs really quickly and doesn’t leave my face sticky! As for results, the dry patches on my cheeks were less blotchy / flaky the next morning and after 2 weeks of using it the dry patches have completely disappeared! 
I am not sure if I will repurchase this though as it’s not available where I live and I am not willing to pay for shipping costs because I am simply a cheapo! But this surely is a very good product and is an excellent moisturiser! 
I just hope I won’t need this product in the future as my skin is slowly healing and going back to it’s normal condition!
Rating: 4/5 

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