My latest kitchen gadget: The Original Crock Pot!

I’m definitely turning into a typical housewife where chic-looking kitchen gadgets totally turn them on. Gosh. I enjoy cooking, something which I inherited from my Mum and Maternal Grandmother, methinks. Dad cannot cook to save his life. Now you must be wondering why am I being so harsh to my dearest father. Let me give you an example on what he cooked when Mum was in the UK with me (brother I feel for you):
STEAMED Garlic with Pork. 
Now this may not sound strange to some but he only steamed garlic with slices (or was it chunks?) of pork without any seasoning at all. Just imagine the overwhelming smell of pig with the stench of garlic. *gags* 
I for one am not fond of Pork, hence the nickname ‘halal chinese’ from my schoolmates as I dislike the strong smells found in darker meats. I avoid mutton at all costs because I think it reeks of B.O (body odour) and I only eat Chicken Breast because I think there’s a smell to drumsticks / thighs. Oh on top of that it’s the colour of dried blood that puts me off eating chicken legs. 
Before you get all judgmental with me, I think it’s best I put in an extra disclaimer: 
I do eat chicken legs… Under special circumstances such as if it’s double-boiled in soups, stewed or marinated well enough so the smell goes away lol! 
Hence the crock pot! I actually have an ancient Tower slow cooker given to me by my Aunt but Mum noticed a fault in it when she came over (it cooks way too slowly) and I have been using FK’s teeny slow cooker that pretty much only caters for one person where we usually have 3 people wanting a massive bowl of soup each (the three stooges being me, FK and the bf)
We were at Fenwick (AGAIN) on Saturday when I saw this being advertised for £39 (original price being £49) and there was an additional 20% discount on the price tag. 
Have I reminded you on how AMAZING Summer Sales are!?

I really wanted it because you can use it on the HOB and even in the OVEN, which is amazing! I tried to persuade the bf into letting us purchase it as 
1. We now have 3 mouths to feed
2. It’s quite a good price after discount £31.20 (think of it being a 3-in-1 product)
Typical bf uhm and ah-ed for a good 15 minutes when the Manager approached us (God I love Fenwick) and said he could do a special deal for us, charging only £29 for it. 
Before I forget we were going to purchase a Kettle + Toaster set, A Jansport backpack for Mum, a Cath Kidston bag for the bf’s sister and a few other bits and bobs hehe.
I was like ‘I WANT I WANT’
Bf, being the non-impulsive shopper said 
‘Wait, wait NONONO’
Then the Manager just had to throw in a special deal:
‘I’ll give you a 40% discount on everything else you are purchasing today’ 

Even the bf couldn’t resist. 
So with buckling knees (the crock pot is hideously heavy), we lugged about 4 Massive Fenwick shopper bags all the way home. 
It’s incredibly pretty isn’t it?? =) BIG too!! To me, Slow cookers are a godsend for students who always say 
‘No time lah’

When their mothers ask them on why they don’t cook or whenever they choose to order a takeout.
Dear Mothers who have / will be sending children abroad, please make them buy one of these. You can boil soups with these (a good excuse to make them drink herbal stuff); do stews (chuck loads of chicken, carrots, potatoes, oyster sauce and you can eat that for the next couple of days); roasts (the meat will be oh-so-tender minus the dryness you can get if you roast in the oven) and so on!
Then again the child must not be lazy to chop all the meat / veg up haha (just came to me) 
I use my slow cooker to make rice porridge because it really breaks the rice down and you get a nice, thick starchy concoction! Best bit is you won’t burn the bottom of the pot or have the risk of the porridge overflowing when it boils (it always happens to me when I use my rice cooker) so yes, just throw the rice in and add water, dried scallops (or whatever you want really) and just let the slow cooker do all the work! 
Since purchasing this I have been using it twice already and I currently have a pot of Drunken Chicken simmering in the slow cooker!
What’s your quick fix? While this technically isn’t a quick fix, you can just leave it to cook while you run your errands eg. go to uni, work and come home to a house smelling of food (especially during winter) and can tuck in immediately! No more standing over stoves stirring constantly or checking stuff in the oven making sure it doesn’t burn!