Review: Topshop Cream Blush in Pinch

I admit, this purchase was a blunder. I was looking for a much lighter, peachier shade (Flush) but I accidentally picked this up instead:

Le sigh. For £6 you get 4g of product but I can see this lasting me a very very long time as it’s extremely pigmented!
Just look at how frighteningly bright the colour is:
As usual, my camera decides not to reveal the true colour of this cream blush. Pinch is a very bright red which leans towards fuschia. This is what it looks like swatched on my arm:
To think this is only one swipe! This dries to a matte finish when blended out and it sheers out (if you blend quickly) to a natural-looking pink:
Looks nice and natural, doesn’t it? 
I have one gripe though, it’s such a pain to remove (on my arm that is)!! I tried using liquid soap to scrub the colour away but it wouldn’t budge! Even Liz Earle’s Cleanse and Polish only managed to remove the colour slightly. As I write this, there’s still a sheer pinkish tint on my arm where the swatch was. 
Now I’m a bit worried if this will permanently stain my cheeks but then again I will not be applying this onto my bare skin so I hope it will be alright *fingers crossed*
I seem to be cultivating a very unhealthy cream blush obsession! I usually use powdered blushes (my love) as it’s difficult to go wrong with them. I tried Benetint but didn’t like it as I couldn’t blend the stuff quickly enough and it quickly dried to 3 long streaks on my cheek. =p So I’ve been put off any use-your-fingers-to-apply blushes and stuck to powdered ones… Until now. 
Gah I might just head down to town later to grab myself a few more Topshop blushes but I do not think this is the appropriate time to strike while the iron is hot as I’m living off a diet of bread and water atm. 😉 
Before I leave, here’s the ingredient list!