Review: Hada Labo BB Moist Cream SPF32 PA+++

Before I start, here’s a little rant. I was chatting with Hanny last night on how I may never, ever find a BB cream that matches my shade. =( I must be one of the latest to jump on the whole BB cream hype but I can’t help myself! Who doesn’t like gimmicky products? 😉 Okay maybe you practical lot wouldn’t but I sure do fall for marketing gimmicks! 
I can’t use Hada Labo’s skin care products but when I heard they released two different BB creams (no thanks to ParisB) I got really excited as she mentioned the Cream is at least one shade lighter than the Emulsion! 
I then hopped over to Kathi’s blog to get a second opinion on the cream and she did mention it’s a tad yellow for her. 
I thought:
‘Meh. I’m asian so my skin should be yellow.’
and off I went to purchase it. On my favourite Ebay Seller AlphabeautyUK. He ships really quickly, unlike my old favourite Adam Beauty who used to ship really quickly too. 
Digression here: I bought a few items off Adam Beauty some time last week and purchased Shiseido’s Tsubaki conditioner off AlphabeautyUK like 4 days ago and I received my Tsubaki conditioner today but my Adam Beauty parcel is no where to be seen! =( 
Then again it’s only one week and I shouldn’t complain! I’m one impatient + paranoid person where I used to fret so much about my friends not receiving my parcels… Lol I know some of you would know what I mean! 😉 
Digression end.
Back to the BB cream! Initially I was a bit worried the ingredients might break me out but oh what the heck I was desperate to find a BB cream that suits my skin tone! =p 
If I remember correctly I paid around £12 for this including shipping. The tube contains 45g which isn’t too bad considering Bourjois’ foundations cost between £10-£12 and do not have SPF in them! 
Since both Paris and Kathi mentioned the BB cream is rather yellow, I was prepared when I squeezed it out of the tube:
I’m more of an emulsion person as I hate having heavy creams sitting on my face as I always have the impression creams will leave me greasy and sticky. I only bought the cream because *ahem* ParisB mentioned the shade’s lighter than the emulsion! Don’t get me wrong though I’m not blaming her for anything it’s just I trust both her and Kathi’s reviews so much that I just took the plunge.
I also blame myself for being an impulse shopper. =p 
Then again, this cream feels really light upon application! This does not blend out as easily as the Dr. G bb cream  but this feels a lot lighter in texture. I would say it’s a perfect match for me if not for the yellowness of this cream:
I have a slight (very slight) pink undertone and this turned my face yellow. Not the Digiman Yellow but I looked… Different. If you look at my wrist in the above photo you will notice my natural skin tone’s not all that yelow!
In all honesty, I always saw myself as ‘yellow’ seeing I’m Asian. I wore this to work and my colleague went
‘Whoa did your self-tanning session go wrong? You look incredibly yellow!’
I haven’t worn this out since. But I might try wearing this with a dusting of Guerlain Meteorites… You never know what might happen! =p 
So BB Cream recommendations please! =p 
Update 28/8: I forgot to mention which shade I got this in! I got this in Natural Beige (the lighter shade) by the way =) Many thanks to Nic Nic for pointing this out! =)

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