Review: Chanel Aqualumiere Gloss (Canari)

I was going home for CNY this year and I really wanted to… Look good. =p It’s my first time celebrating Chinese New Year in over 3 years now so I thought I’d splurge and get myself a nice lipgloss. 
Having being ignored after walking round and round the M.A.C counter at Heathrow Terminal 3’s Duty Free zone I decided to pop over to Chanel’s make-up counter where the lovely SA (they do a lot of damage to my wallet, these lovely SAs) proceeded to help me pick a colour! 
As I have mentioned many a time, I’m extremely new to make-up so I did need a lot of help choosing a colour! Back then I was really shy about wearing really bright colours on my lips so she suggested their Aqualumiere Glosses as they are sheer and moisturizing at the same time (I did tell her I wanted something sheer and that I’m a lip balm addict) =p 
Here’s the shade I (or rather, the SA) chose! It’s number 697 (Canari):
A close-up shot of the gloss:
It looks more pigmented in the tube than on the lips but it’s such a pretty peachy pink colour with gold shimmer swirled in it! 
I also like the small brush applicator as it allows more precise application:
What I like most about this gloss is that it isn’t sticky at all and glides on easily!
I swatched it on my arm just so you can see the pretty shimmer:
I had to apply about 3 layers to get the colour to show so if it’s only one swatch you will pretty much be seeing clear gloss!
Tried really hard to get a good lip swatch but this is the best I could do to get the gloss and shimmer to show up! Apologise for the blemishes as I’ve been having quite a bad breakout around my mouth area (yup I’m a glutton) =p
This retails at £20 but I think I paid something like £17 for it thanks to Duty Free! 
If you are looking for a pigmented gloss then this isn’t for you but this looks really really pretty when worn over lippies because the shimmer adds a new dimension to the look. I usually wear this by itself as I just want a little hint of glossiness / shimmer on my lips on days when I don’t feel like wearing stronger colours. 
Like all glosses, lasting power isn’t great but it doesn’t bother me!
£20 for a lipgloss is rather steep as I think you can get nice dupes from Bourjois (Chanel’s sister company) but I can see this lasting me quite a while and we do need a bit of luxury in our lives, don’t we all? 😉

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