So This is Christmas.

I spent my first Christmas at home after 3 years! =) 
It’s amazing how shops are open and people are just everywhere on Christmas Day!!! #cultureshock but yes, ALL SHOPS are open on Christmas Day in Malaysia which I think is quite nice if you need to get that last minute present or even for meeting up with friends! I suppose Christmas is spent differently in Malaysia as opposed to European / Christian cultures as multi-racial Malaysia embrace the season as an opportunity to go out with friends / family whereas European /  Christian cultures spend time with family members at home instead. 
This year, I spent Christmas at home (literally) where we spent the entire afternoon making preparations for  our Christmas dinner. Mum marinated a 4kg turkey two days before and here it is, covered with deliciously sinful smoked streaky bacon. We also sprinkled some dried rosemary (taken from my home in Canterbury) before laying the bacon over the bird.
Before I carry on with food photos, here’s a quick update on what I’ve been up to upon coming home. Grandma came over to stay, and will be here for a month so we have been taking her round countless malls, letting her soak up the festive atmosphere with all the extravagant Christmas decor. Some photos are hastily taken so I apologise if they aren’t the type of pretty, artsy-fartsy photos you are expecting! 
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur was the first mall I hit and the candy-decor made me more than a little hungry, I must say. 
Kiehl’s added to the sugar-rushed vibe by giving out free candy floss!! Such a lovely addition to the festive cheer, don’t you think? 
Next, we headed to Midvalley Megamall where mini maze greeted us.  I thought the furnishings were so-so only.
Yep, that’s grandma in the foreground. =) We were amongst the lucky few who managed to bag a shot with Santa who sat right in the middle of the maze! Grandma looks a little sleepy as we brought her for a facial session prior to taking this photo. =D
My favourite Christmas theme comes from 1 Utama where it takes on a sea-based theme, having shell angels ‘flying’ about the mall. So pretty!
Here’s a section of the concourse area, all made up under-the-sea style:
Suria KLCC was the last mall we hit before Christmas (on Friday) and there were elevated Christmas trees lined along the rows of shops… boring! *yawns* I remember it was worse a few years ago where they put up a single Christmas Tree adorned with purple ornaments so I suppose they have improved ever so slightly by placing more trees around. >.<
And here’s what the concourse area looks like:
Nothing spectacular. =( Oh I have a beauty-based rant regarding one of the SAs at Parkson Suria KLCC but I will save this for another day as we shouldn’t be too grouchy during Christmas, no? 😉
That wraps up the number of malls I visited so let’s head back to the simple Christmas dinner we prepared for my Aunt and cousins =) 
We prepared some mash, macaroni and cheese, pigs in blanket and a healthy serving of salad with our bird. Mum also made cream of mushroom soup and we downed the meal with glasses of non-alcoholic sparkling red wine =)
No Christmas dinner is complete without a roast turkey! 
We have our turkey simple, without stuffing as I always feel stuffed after having turkey with stuffing which then leaves my poor tummy no room for all the other side dishes so Mum lines the bottom of the tray with loads of carrots and onions so we get a lovely gravy to go with both the turkey and mash! 
Auntie and cousins came with a huge chocolate cake from Sinfully Chocolate and we had Nespresso coffee to go with it, which was simply orgasmic. =D
I had a lovely Christmas this year, and I hope all of you did too! =) 

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