Review: By Terry’s Touche Veloutee Highlighting Concealer in Porcelain

I bought this little gem on a whim when I headed down to Covent Garden’s Space NK apothecary branch to collect my Acqua di Parma birthday gift from the store. I was about to walk out of the shop with my gift in hand when the friendly sales assistant asked if I wanted a free makeover. 
Free makeover? Oh yes please thank you very much!! I had some time to spare anyway since the boyfriend was in class :p 
The SA then used By Terry products on me and this miracle product managed to brighten my eyes without leaving me with a cakey under eye area. I was extremely impressed and I have also heard that Terry De Gunzberg, only of By Terry founded YSL’s Touche Eclat. Furthermore, this pen contains a generous 6.5ml of product as opposed to Touche Eclat where you only get 2.5ml of product. 
All greatness of this baby aside, I have some serious issues with the click pen dispenser. Argh. I once chucked it into my handbag and I somehow managed to ‘click’ quite a lot of product out, leaving me with a messy brush + cap filled with quite a lot of product. T___T  So please, do not leave this product in the depths of your bag!! 
Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, let’s head back to its positive points:
I love the flat, dense, wide, soft but firm brush and I find one pump dispenses more than enough product for both eyes! I always spot clean the brush after using it to keep things hygienic as the as the last thing I want would be to have zits under my eyes! #thehorror
Here’s another shot of the brush because it’s so pretty! =D
The concealer comes in three shades: Porcelain, Cream and Beige. Porcelain, which is the shade I have has a slight pink tint to it whereas the other shades take on a yellow base. The SA recommended Porcelain to me as Cream turned out too yellow for me and having Cream under my eyes turned me sallow! 
Porcelain was the perfect match for my skin (am NC15 thanks to an outing with dear Hanny ) and here’s a swatch!
You can barely see the concealer once I’ve blended it into my skin! This concealer does not conceal my eye bags but it brightens the area and I instantly look more awake (and younger, methinks), hence the barely visible swatches! 
The texture is creamy and simply sinks into my skin, leaving not the slightest trace behind! This does not  accentuate the fine lines under my eyes nor gives me ‘white undereye patches’ but does enough to fool people into thinking I’ve been sleeping over 8 hours a day. =D 
I’ve had this product for 3 months now and I find myself reaching for this on days when I need that wide-awake look. This has been a staple for me over the last couple of days as I haven’t been sleeping well… On a more personal note, my grandmother was in intensive care for two days so it’s been a little hectic for the family as we weren’t quite sure what was wrong with her other than her ‘irregular heartbeat’ and ‘flooded lungs’. Thankfully, she’s out of intensive care now but we are hoping and praying she will be out soon! 
This is pretty much a Holy Grail product for me…. But I have yet to try Clinique’s airbrush concealer which Lily reviewed not too long ago ! This also sounds like an amazing product so hmm.. I may just give this a go once this concealer runs out before deciding on whether this really is my Holy Grail under eye concealer! Lol!! 
Have you tried anything from By Terry? What’s your favourite under eye concealer? Do share! =D 
Have a lovely day, everyone!! xxx

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