Neal’s Yard Remedies’ Citrus Shower Gel smells good enough to eat!

Doesn’t everyone love smelling nice after a good long shower? =D I’ll be honest here and proclaim that I rather not take a shower if no lovely shower gels beckon me to them! Okay… That maybe too much for some people to digest but I love my shower gels and I do save the more luxurious (read: EXPENSIVE) shower gels for special occasions. *ahem* 
I’m sidetracking a little here so please bear with me! =) On one of our last few days in London, the boyfriend and I stumbled to the Westfield shopping centre in Stratford and walked past Neal’s Yard Remedies. The boyfriend wanted to get something for his grandmother and she ‘loves smelling good’ so I suggested getting her perfume.
It was getting really late (we went into the shop at 8.45pm) so we quickly grabbed a perfume and a Rose + Geranium candle (more on this in another blog post) and the boyfriend decided to get this shower gel for my Mum as he felt she needs to be ‘uplifted’ as we’ve got quite a bit going on at home. =) 
Fast forward to how we argued on whether we should carry this 200ml thing home as our suitcases were overweight + travelling via AirAsia X + have better things to bring home………
I am extremely glad the boyfriend lugged this home for us because this is such an amazing product. 
Wanna know why? 
It smells just like my favourite Honey Lemon drink!!!! 
The citrus shower gel is rather runny (beware as you may pour too much product out as the opening is massive) and does not lather up very much but a little goes a long way! It smells citrusy (duh) and sure does smell good enough to drink as it kinda reminded me of Sunquick orange squash. Haha! 
A subtle scent lingers on your skin after showering and the zesty scent is more than enough to wake you up! This is the perfect item to lure you into the shower in the morning after a rough night and I suppose this would make an amazing hangover cure too!!! 
If these exclamation marks do not reflect my enthusiasm for this shower gel I don’t know what will!!! I have never been this excited over a shower gel ever but something in this product simply blew a new lease of life to this blogger who’s at the brink of death! (okay that was totally exaggerated but I have been exhausted over the last couple of days and this did help wake me up)
Am just amazed at the awesomeness of this product. It retails at a rather hefty £14 for 200ml worth of product but this, my dears is a lifetime investment. =p Invest in as many bottles as you can as I have a feeling this is a limited edition shower gel. Le sigh. 
edit: This lovely product is not for sale!! This comes free with purchase of over £45 in store / online! Sorry my lovelies!
Holy Grail status for me. No doubt about this. 😉 
Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone! 
So….. Do you have a favourite shower gel? 😉

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