I’m currently sat at Cafe Nero in Gatwick airport, bumming my time away (what’s new) as I’ll be heading home for a couple of months on what I call a ‘nice-long-holiday’ but the parents would probably call it ‘crunch-time-about-time-you-decide-what-you-want-to-do-with-your-life-trip.’

Being an extremely last minute decision to come home, I had no choice but to travel on one of the fantastically rude and not-so-budget-airline – Air Asia X. Believe it or not, my single air ticket home costs close to £500 where I believe a return ticket via Emirates would cost about £600.

Pardon me for ranting but I’ve been in an incredibly foul mood, what with having to come home all of a sudden, having had to deal with such crap over the last couple of months (which is why I’ve been MIA) and now, I’m about to board a plane for home.

In a shocking twist of events, I’m coming home… But I don’t even know if this homecoming would make me feel at home. At all.

Of course, there’s always two sides to a coin. On a merrier note, this means I’ll be spending Christmas, ushering in both the New Year and Chinese New Year at home; attending my cousin’s son’s first birthday party; and meeting up with my lovely blogger friends (Ipoh and Subang Mari) which should take my mind off things a little more.

Spending over 4 years in the UK may have made me lose touch with the ongoings at home and this scares me as I’m not quite prepared for this. For some reason, I’ve grown incredibly fond of the grey skies, spitting rain, and the ‘mind the gap’ announcements made by members of the London underground staff.

Well, one can only hope that this home coming is for the better, and not worse. One can only hope.

omg I’m so going miss my favourite haunts. No more going down the aisles in Boots before rushing over to Superdrug just to compare prices; stalking the unmanned make-up counters in Fenwick’s; sipping pitchers of cocktails (yes, you read right) at Wetherspoons with my lovely housemates….. No more lovely weather. :'( it’s back to humid, epically jammed Malaysia for now.

I’ll also miss my favourite uncle and aunt in the world :'( no more uncle shoving glass after glass of red wine down my throat, no more aunt satisfying my nearly insatiable appetite… And the list simply goes on and on.

Of course, it will be great seeing my family and friends again. 🙂

Kuala Lumpur, here I come!

p/s: just had to post this photo! We watched Tosca before coming home because we know we will be deprived of such shows when we are home 😀 Opera hungry, we are!


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