I’m now a Graduate! =)

Hi my lovelies! After a long hiatus, I’m back in Canterbury and will attempt to blog more regularly. Much apologies (as usual, le sigh) for abandoning all you lovely readers as it’s been a really rough last couple of months… Much drama included. I’m just so glad to have put all this behind and I have one last hurdle before I can say I’m all set for the new year. =) *fingers crossed*
On a much happier note, I graduated with Merit! I was really stressed out about even passing my Masters but I am really pleased with my results even though the parents would much prefer if I had achieved a Distinction again. Sigh. =) 
This will be an extremely photo-heavy post to make up for the lack of posts over the last two months, have fun ogling at my fugliness! 😉 
I graduated in the First Ceremony which starts at 10.30am but we were there at about 8.30am as I had to collect the tickets for Dad and the bf as well as my congregation robe, which cost a bomb to rent for just a couple of hours at £57. Egad. 
I also met up with my really pretty friend, Shervelle who did her MA in Archaeology and coincidentally we were seated close to each other, which really made my day as we had a lot of catching up to do! 
Shervelle, who’s already dressed in her congregation robes and the blur me who hasn’t collected hers yet! =D
The bf sneakily took this shot of me whilst I was queuing up to receive my certificate! Can you spot me? 
My congregation was held at the Canterbury Cathedral and it was a nerve-wracking moment for me as I was worried I would fall over. At the same time, other worries such as 
‘Gah now the relatives / everyone will be wondering what I’m gonna do now’

filled my mind. 
Being a graduate isn’t all that nice, I assure you! 
The ceremony lasted slightly over 3 hours (yawn) and I’m just so glad it’s over! 
FK, the bf’s brother took these shots of me as the 3 men (Dad, bf and FK) made me throw the mortar board in the air.  How embarrassing! 
The aftermath of having a mortar board sitting on your head. Extremely flat hair which reveals I desperately need a haircut. :s 
I then put the robes on my dearest Daddy who had fun too! I got my dress from Topshop with a lot of help from my lovely housemate Rosanna who lugged me all over town looking for that perfect graduation dress. Thank you my dear! =)
Here’s a photo of my ever-elusive bf and I in this candid shot taken by our very own professional photographer, FK. I <3 FK very much as he rushed down to town straight after his seminar just to attend my graduation ceremony! Thank you FK! =) =) 
I say FK is an amazing photographer because he captures the prettiest candid shots. Here’s another one of me trying to take Dad’s hand as I was really hungry and wanted to eat!
Of course, what’s a graduation without gifts? =D My parents lovingly presented me with these 3 gorgeous, out-of-this-world gifts 
(From L/R: La Mer’s Lip balm, SK-II Skin Signature Moisturizer, a Piggy Bank with the word ‘CONGRATS!’ written in glitter)
I was surprised by Ada, my Italian housemate (who is an amazing cook but I’ll save that for another day) presented me with a lovely card and these two gifts:
Knowing my fear of using eye liner, Ada kindly bought me her favourite Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Liner Pencil in shade 061 Jet Black as well as a Maybelline Forever Strong Pro nail polish in the shade Golden Brown. Rosanna and I treated Ada to a manicure two weeks ago for her birthday where they both chose a similar shade to the above nail polish for my nails. How kind and thoughtful of her! =) 
The bf’s gift to me came as a huge surprise!  I tried on my newly bought graduation dress and presented it to my housemates when Ada noted the look will only be perfect should I wear a dark red lip to go with the outfit. I only have cool-toned lippies and I don’t think I have what it takes to pull off a red lip so I ignored Ada’s suggestion and was going to go with a sheer pink-ish lip colour instead. 
But what do you know? The bf knows I stalk Paris B’s blog and upon reading this article , he decided to purchase it for me =)
The gorgeous Guerlain Rouge Automatique Nuit d’Amour in no.170!! I haven’t been using the internet in quite a while so I haven’t been updating myself with Paris’ (or anyone else’s) posts so I did not know she featured this lovely lip colour until the bf mentioned it to me. =D
I was astounded to see how dark it was in the tube but the bf kept reassuring me it will not turn me into a goth. 
Since this is pretty much a beauty blog above everything else, here’s the only close-up shot I have of myself which I’m quite reluctant to post up as I was giving my bf a retarded look when he took this photo:
A random shot while we were getting Pumpkin Seed Butter for Mum at Whole Foods Canterbury after the ceremony. I applied the lippie with a lip brush and really ‘worked the lippie into the lips’ the way Lisa Eldridge puts it. This was taken after lunch where I quickly swiped the lipstick over my lips once so I’m pretty impressed with its lasting power! =) This is the most intense lip colour I’ve ever worn and I did feel extremely self-conscious about it but Dad (surprisingly) and everyone in the house reassured me saying it doesn’t look overdone. 
I thought it would be nice to include the products I used on my face for the day:
1. Chanel Vitalumiere  Aqua foundation in B10 Beige Pastel
2. Lancome Eclat Miracle (used as a highlighter)
3. By Terry Touche Veloutee concealer (used under my eyes) in Porcelain
4. Dior Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Sculpting Make up in 020 Beige Praline
5. Chanel Illusion d’Ombre in Illusoire
6. Canmake Cream Cheek No.11 Happy Heart 
7. Guerlain Meteorites in shade Teint Rose 01
I do think I’m an extremely privileged child as both my parents support me in whatever I do. When I chose to read Literature, they were initially sceptical of my choice but continued encouraging me even though they received a lot of flak from my relatives who criticised my decision, and theirs for letting me do what I want. 
Thank you, Mum and Dad. <3 I love you! 

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