Wolverhampton + Coventry Trip!

Hello darlings, I’m finally back and have settled down… For now! =) I think I’ve got to resort to blogging in the lounge from now on as I can never get any signal in my room, which is absolute rubbish. =( 
I suppose I should start with the first leg of my erm, adventures, starting with my emergency trip to Wolverhampton.
I didn’t get to take many photos in Wolverhampton as the weather wasn’t very good and it was raining on and off. This photo is actually the first photo I took as we got out of the Wolverhampton train station:

XH joked about how funny it would be if he managed to break into the headquarters. #lame

We mostly hung out at Asda (a supermarket) and around the friend’s home so we didn’t get to see much of Wolverhampton. Then again we headed up to Wolverhampton for a dear friend, not to sight see. =)

As accommodation in Wolverhampton is steep, we stayed at Hotel Formule 1 in Coventry which belongs to the Ibis Hotel Group. Coventry is a mere 45 minute train journey away from Wolverhampton and off-peak day returns cost £2.90 provided you have a Young Person’s Railcard and only travel on Virgin Trains. =p So many restrictions but the reasonable price made us decide to stay there!

Breakfast at Ibis Hotel costs a bomb. £6 for breakfast, anyone? So we headed to my much beloved Ikea for our usual 99p breakfast. The 4 days we were in the Midlands we had Ikea for breakfast everyday. =D Here’s a pic of our artery-clogging breakfast:

I had ambitious plans, wanting to drop by Birmingham as I miss Birmingham’s Roast Duck at the Peach Garden Restaurant (supersize portions, succulent and juicy Roast Duck) and my usual favourite Beef Brisket with Tendon at the Chung Ying Restaurant. If you are in Birmingham, they are just a 2 minute walk away from the Bull Ring shopping centre! They are both our favourite food outlets (the bf and I) when he was still reading law at the University of Warwick. =) Good time!
Unfortunately, I had to come back to Canterbury without my Roast Duck fix due to unforeseen circumstances. Instead of going to Wolverhampton everyday, we managed to get her down to Coventry and we smuggled her into the Hotel. Hehehe. 
We spent a lot of time walking round the Coventry City Centre which I’m really glad we did as I’ve never been to the Coventry Cathedral or the churches around it. We went into the Holy Trinity Church and did I mention I have a huge thing for stained glass? 😉
I love visiting churches even though I’m not a Christian (more church photos coming soon as the bf and I went into so many churches / cathedrals in Austria) as I love the architecture: High ceilings, beautiful stained glass which reveal much those who admire them and the calm collected feeling I get when I walk into the church is simply priceless. 
Next up, we went to visit the Coventry Cathedral ruins:
The remnants of a staircase:
The bf and I then had disgusting cream tea at Godiva’s at the Undercroft. They didn’t even have clotted cream, just really runny unwhipped cream. *barf* The cafe / restaurant lies here:
I’m actually glad I made this trip with the bf, bf’s bro and a friend as I actually got to spend more time with the bf than I thought. =) 


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