This is getting a bit much, no?

Hello everyone,

I am exhausted. The last few weeks have been rather difficult for me and the people around me. Been going all over the place with journeys beginning at the airport, rushing to catch long distance trains up to the midlands, coming back to South East England (where I live) again… And now as luck would have it I’m at the airport, no not waiting for someone as before but this time I’m boarding a plane, heading somewhere not too far away (but far enough)

Having had less than 3 hours’ sleep last night, my eyes are bloodshot, I feel incredibly groggy and my grey matter’s been blast off into space. Forgive these hyperboles but i do need a place to vent when everything seems ever so bleak at the moment.

It’s times like these I thank whoever’s up there for blessing me with my lovely friends, blogger ladies #crazyaunties you know who you are and my family for always being here for me. I’m also thankful I’ve got a more than lovely uncle and aunt whom I consider my ‘other parents’ when I’m here as they would always go the extra mile for me or even those around me.

This is getting a bit long for all of you, isn’t it? I’m sorry I haven’t been replying comments / skype / twitter as I havent been online (yes Hanny my phone’s skype is always logged in as my bf always uses it to call home) but I promise I will be back and if I can I will blog from Vienna! 🙂

Thank you for hanging in there, sweeties! 🙂

Here’s a very random shot of a Virgin Train, photo edited with Snapseed. 😉


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