The Scrubbing Diaries: Origins Modern Friction Facial Scrub

Hello everyone! As I was bogged down with work I couldn’t get my Scrubbing Diaries post up yesterday! Much apologies! 😀 
Thought I’d show you one of my longest lasting scrubs ever – Origins Modern Friction!
Mum got this for me a little more than two years ago as she felt bad about going for facials at the Origins standalone store at The Gardens Mid Valley without buying something from the beauticians. In case you’re wondering if the scrub’s gone off, it hasn’t as it has a 24 month PAO (Period After Opening) and this really makes me wonder if Origins’ products are as natural as they claim to be? 
I love Origins’ concept but unfortunately most of the products I have tried do not work for me. The only product I’ve used from Origins that did not break me out was their Mega Mushroom toner from the Dr. Andrew Weil range. It just goes downhill from here. Their Have a Nice Day moisturizer and Make a Difference range of Day and Night Moisturizers gave me bumps on my skin which then led to breakouts of epic proportions. Then there’s their A Perfect World SPF35 Face Protector that turned out too dark and oily for me.
Le sigh. Origins I really want to like your products but why do you not work for me!? T__T
Okay back to the product. Origins refers to this as nature’s gentle dermabrasion. Fair enough as it contains Skin-refining Rice Starch’ that’s meant to remove dead cells, uneven patches and heals skin damage and discolouration. Lemon Oil’  to illuminate the skin and Vitamin C’ as a free radical scavenger.

Sounds promising, eh?
What actually made Mum purchase this for me was the fact that the SA (it’s also mentioned on the website) mentioned you will not get any REDNESS or FLAKING from using this product and that this also minimizes your pores.
As amazing as it sounds, my first experience with the scrub set my face on fire. :s 
You are to apply the product onto dry skin (according to the box), which was what I did. It was a bad idea. It stung my skin so bad that I felt as if my face was on fire. Without a doubt, my face was as red as a lobster after using the scrub for the first time. 
Second time, I decided to add a bit of water to emulsify the scrub a little before applying it onto my damp face as the scrub is rather gooey. Do not be fooled by its gooey texture as a little goes a very, very, VERY long way. 
So why use only a tiny amount, you wonder? 
This scrub takes ages to come off. After applying the scrub onto dry skin, you need to take a bit of water to emulsify it just the way you do it with cleansing oils. 
Unlike cleansing oils, this is such a toughie to remove! I had to re-emulsify over 3 times to get the gooey gunk off my face!
To illustrate what I mean, here’s what’s left of the scrub after the first emulsification 
(wah I sound like a scientist #bimbomoment):
Looks like a freshly applied scrub, no? But I have already emulsified it once and this is what’s left on your skin! Gah.
Oh it hurts like !%#^%™  if any of it gets into your eyes. Both the bf and I experienced it once and we both thought we would go blind. That’s how painful it is.
My housemate gave it a go once and she really liked it, saying 
‘ooh my face is so much smoother!’
I wonder if she’s been nicking it every now and then.
I rarely use this product as I’m afraid history will repeat itself and I will:
1. Go Blind
2. Turn into Miss Lobster 
So this has always taken up space in the bathroom, staring, mocking me even. Because my skin is not good enough for this product. 🙁
On a more serious note, other than it being a bit too harsh for me, I do think this scrub really works and it is gentle enough without huge exfoliating beads. Just remember: Use a little at a time! =p 
p/s: In case you’re wondering ‘what’s with these randomly coloured words’ or ‘what’s with this incoherent post’ and think I may be high on something, I thought it’s best that I clarify myself before someone calls my mum and she panics and thinks I’m on crack. =p I haven’t slept in over 24 hours as I have been boggled down with so much work it’s crazy so now I’m officially running on autopilot mode. 
Okay I better stop before I get anymore incoherent! Have a lovely day / night everyone!

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