The Kate Collection – The lipstick collection by Kate Moss for Rimmel

I have to admit, I have never bought any Rimmel make up because I’m a snob when it comes to drugstore brands. When prices are too good (eg cheap) I start to worry the product wouldn’t be good for my skin. :s
In comes Kate Moss with yet another collaboration – I hear she’s done designs for Topshop and Longchamp… Now Rimmel? Having said so she’s been a brand ambassador for Rimmel for quite a while now so I’m not surprised she churned out a range of lippies! 
There are 7 shades in the range and I was this close to purchasing TWO lippies but the good old bf stopped me from going overboard. 
Torn between 03 (a nude shade) and 08 (a mauvey/rosey nude), I settled for 03 the nude lippie as I haven’t owned a nude lipstick yet! 
Here’s the lippie I bought!
Firstly, I can’t stand the fragrance. It reminds me of my sickeningly sweet Creme Brulee scented Yankee Candle. I don’t know if it’s just me but I can still smell the lipstick after a good 5 minutes. I also find the texture drying on my lips and it accentuates my dry lips (you can see ‘earthquake’ marks on my lips) :s 
That aside, it’s a lovely nude lipstick:
But I don’t think nudes go well on me! I tried it on sans make up and I looked like a ghost. Not that I’m that pale (I think I’ve got a little tan going on as I was hanging out in the sun with my girlfriends yesterday, trying to embrace the remnants of summer) 
but this lippie kinda washed me out. =( 
Maybe I need to put on some make up and see if I can get this nude lipstick to work on me. 😉 

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