Review: Inglot Eyeshadow Quad!

I have been eying Inglot for the longest time ever. (okay then again I have been eying many things for the longest time ever)  
I have walked past Inglot in Westfield many a time (it’s really close to Boots) but never stepped in as I suffer from SA-phobia. From the outside, the store looks pretty similar to MAC outlets only more colourful as they have so many palettes lying about the store so I suppose those of you who like really bright colours will love this shop! Even though I’m no fan of bright colours, I couldn’t help but swatch a few of them as they all look so pretty when arranged next to each other! =p
Reading way too many raves about the brand made me cave in and the affordable price didn’t hurt either! Being an indecisive person, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to find colours that would complement each other in the quad (I already had my heart set on getting only 4 eyeshadows because I promised the boyfriend I wouldn’t spend more than £25 and an eyeshadow quad with the palette included only costs £23) so I spent over 45 minutes in the store, swatching nearly all the colours, uhm-ing and ah-ing over all the different finishes. I did check the lippies out but my lovely friend K from Japan came back with loads of Lavshuca lippies for me so I stopped myself from purchasing any from Inglot.
If I’m not wrong, there are 5 different eyeshadow finishes:
1. Matte: Just your regular eyeshadow minus the shimmer / sparkle/ glitter.

2. Pearl: This one gives out a pearly sheen without the glitter (I think)

3. DS (Double Sparkle): matte eyeshadow with glitter / sparkle

4. AMC (Advance Makeup Component): A little tricky. I swatched a few and I believe they are glittery but not as glittery as the DS ones

5. AMC Shine: I call them DP (Double Pearl) as they give out such a lovely sheen, even lovelier than the pearl eyeshadows! 
Here’s the quad I bought: 
Take a closer look! (mwahaha I like how I’m forcing all of you to LOOK at my palette):
It took me ages to decide which colours I was going to choose prior to hitting the store but reading THIS blog post helped me loads! Thank you, Lily! =)
My quad consists of two Pearl eyeshadows and two AMC Shine eyeshadows, the Pearls being the darker (and more pigmented shades) whereas the AMC Shine ones were extremely shimmery but less pigmented. Then again, I’m guessing my AMC Shine eyeshadows weren’t as pigmented as they are lighter colours! 
Here are the swatches (without flash)
With Flash:
All swatches are done with my grubby fingers and without primer underneath! 
08 AMC Shine is a light golden yellow with a golden sheen.
17 AMC Shine is a light blue-ish green colour with a golden sheen and the flash reveals some fine golden sparkles!
418 Pearl is a blackish green with a pearly sheen. 
423 Pearl is a maroon-ish brown with a pearly sheen.
I’m a huge fan of shimmery colours so I’m very happy with this palette! The shadows are so very pretty and all colours blend like a dream!! I especially love the AMC Shine eyeshadows as they go on rather sheer yet they pack a punch when it comes to the shimmer / pearly finish! 
Erm as you all know, I am not very good with make up but due to pressure from my fellow beauty bloggers…. (I’m staring at you both, Hanny and Lily!) I have attempted an EOTD (is that what you call them?) albeit a very failed one. 
Please ignore the stray strands of hair. I have too many flyaways for my own good. Also please overlook those unruly brows, or wait does one brow look fuller than the other? OMG. 
I only used 3 of the colours (423 Pearl’s left out this time) as I decided not to line my eyes as they have been a little itchy / sensitive lately, boo hoo. (that’s also why I’m so afraid of tight-lining my eyes, one being me blinding myself and the other is I don’t want to walk round town with bloodshot eyes due to the irritation caused by the eyeliner.)
Gosh I do ramble on and on, don’t I? =p
On to what I did (you experts out there would probably know just by looking at that badly taken and ugly photo of mine) but anyway… 
I had 08 AMC Shine all over the lid, followed by the 17 AMC Shine on the crease (pretty much towards the inner corner of my eyes) and finally I applied 418 Pearl at the outer corner of my eyes and started blending them together.
No mascara’s used either due to the irritated eyes. Come to think of it, I think I blame the dissertation (many a hour has been spent scanning through the creased, yellowed pages of ancient books) and of course, blog-hopping on the internet + typing the dissertation out doesn’t help either =D
Do you have any ideas on how I should do my eyeshadow? Any advice appreciated as  I am a total idiot when it comes to painting my eyes! Thank you all lovely people in advance!
p/s: I really hope that fugly EOTD didn’t make any of you go blind. :s 

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