No access to a laptop…

Hi everyone! I may not be able to blog for the next few days as I will be in London and I won’t be bringing my laptop along! The bf’s got one but he needs it for work so I won’t be able to update the blog only for a while!! 
In the mean time, I’ll be enjoying London to the fullest as I don’t know when I’ll be coming back! I’m planning to hit Westfield today as I desperately need my chocolate fix (from Butler’s Chocolate Cafe as I mentioned here) and I can’t wait to check Inglot out and maybe come out with some goodies!! =p 
Then it’s off to my favourite Asa Kusa restaurant in Mornington Crescent for dinner (if we can get a table as it’s always fully booked!) Excited much! 
Have a lovely day, everyone and hopefully no one’s suffering from Monday blues! 😉

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