My Popo.

 Some of you would have been lucky enough to have spent a lot of time with your grandparents, be it them babysitting you or even just hanging out and having fun together. Both my grandmothers live in different states and it’s a good 8-hour car ride away should I want to visit them. Hence, we only visit them during school holidays or sometimes, only twice a year: first being during Chinese New Year and the other during  the long year-end holidays.
Due to unforeseen circumstances, my maternal grandma (popo) has been living by herself over the last 4-5 years. 
I never had the chance to live with my grandmothers so I do appreciate every moment spent with them even though the elderly are often branded slow and naggy. Popo usually comes down to stay with us for a couple of weeks when I’m home ever summer because Mum cannot cope with Popo single-handedly! Popo needs constant supervision as she ALWAYS needs the loo and we do not have the luxury of having a domestic helper at home so I become one when I’m home. =p
This is the first time I’m not heading home during summer and I’m really missing her because as naggy as she is, she has a heart of gold. She never, ever fails to crack me up when I’m down and as you will see later, she’s one heck of a comedian. 
We take her for facial sessions at Origins, The Gardens where she will always sport this wide-eyed look after:
Granny at Eu Yan Sang’s Restaurant enjoying herbal soup

We do try taking her for weekly sessions but we do not want to overdo it as her skin’s so delicate, just like a baby’s =) So every time we head out to Midvalley, she assumes we’re taking her on another pampering session and when she realises she’s wrong, she covers her face in embarrassment (true story) =D
I have proof! 😉
Embarrassed Granny

One cool fact to note about my amazing Popo is that she curses. No, not the kind of ‘I curse you will die early’ kinda curses but her favourite words were
Cool, isn’t she? So cool that I enjoy having a cuppa free coffee at The Gardens Club lounge while Mum does the shopping. Contrary to popular belief, I’m not that much of a shopaholic. I leave my shopping to Mummy dearest when I go home so I can entertain Popo! 
Okay actually I was really tired from pushing Popo so I just abandoned Mum and took Popo upstairs. Plush seats and free coffee, what more can a fat girl ask for? 
Granny loves free coffee 

I did mention Popo loves coffee… Didn’t I?
Starbucks Spokesperson

When she was able, she would Cook, Clean and Wash for my cousins. I used to question Mum why Popo washes my cousins school shoes (I had to wash mine) and why wouldn’t Mum do the same for me #spoiltbrat
She would also constantly cook and pamper my cousins, making me feel rather unloved by my parents. T__T #LOA (Lack of Attention)
Mum spoke of how Popo used to cycle round town selling fresh produce when she was younger and would save up to purchase electrical items for the home. The items she bought with the money she earned includes a TV, refrigerator and an oven. That was in the 1970s if I’m not wrong so I thought it was incredibly amazing of my grandmother to pedal around town with two heavy baskets at each side of the bicycle and still having to come home and cook for her husband and children.
I imagine she would wear a hat in those days as it must be crazy to pedal in Malaysian heat. 


Those photos were taken in Genting Highlands at some Vietnamese exhibition thingy 2 years ago. 
Speaking of highlands, Popo is quite adventurous. She takes what we call the crawling-coaster:
okay I lied. It’s a wheelchair lift but she was well excited about getting on!
She loves making funny faces. I’ll let the photos do the talking.
Super Popo

Flying Popo (note that hippy headband/necklace)

Baring her non-existent fangs (at her crib in our hometown when I surprised her during CNY this year)

Cheeky Popo at McDonalds. Some random dude was giving these freaky looking smiles away and she went ‘I WANT ONE.’ 

Till today, I can’t understand why this has happened to an old lady who already is in her late 80s. She had a minor heart attack before Chinese New Year and the doctors informed Mum that only 20% of her heart is functioning. We were also told that she would probably be with us for another 2 years. Maybe less. More if we are lucky. 
I worry about her everyday. Tears fall each time I call her as I don’t know if it will be the last time I hear her voice. 4 years ago she could chat with me for hours at an end without coughing / choking and needing a glass of water. Now, she constantly sounds breathless and within 15 minutes she would need a drink.
I’m not sure if it’s the PMS or I’m feeling horribly homesick, but I miss her very much. 
I love you, Popo. 
Popo and I sans make-up on the first day of CNY this year.

If you are fortunate enough to be living near your grandparents, please, make the effort to spend more time with them because we wouldn’t be here if not for them.
If only they understood that.


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