My favourite Japanese Restaurant in London: Asa Kusa!

 Hello everyone! I’m quickly posting this up while the bf is away doing other work hehe! I had a lovely day at Westfield London where I spent most of my time swatching eyeshadows at Inglot with Xhong (the bf’s housemate); tasting and buying chocolates at Butler’s Chocolate Cafe and just basically eating and shopping some more. =p 
As it’s been over 3 months since the bf and I last had dinner at Asa Kusa (last time was during the bf’s birthday in June) we decided to go there again! Asa Kusa’s a cosy family run Japanese restaurant and you do need to book a table beforehand as the restaurant’s quite small! Another thing to note is this restaurant only serves dinner and their opening hours are:
Monday-Friday: 1800-2330
Saturday: 1800-2300
Anyway, here’s what the restaurant looks like from the outside! It looks rather old but don’t be put off by its appearance! =)
On the inside, the tables are very closely placed together so it’s a good place for eavesdropping on others’ conversations! =p 
The bf stumbled upon this little gem when he bought his bicycle as he noticed many people going in and out of the shop! We frequent the place quite a bit as their Sashimi and Tempura are to die for. Never have I had such delicious melt-in-your-mouth Sashimi and the Tempura is crisp yet not soaked in loads of oil. 
This time, we dragged Xhong along as it’s his maiden visit to the restaurant. We made him order a Sashimi Set and a Tempura Moriawase (assorted tempura) and I hope he liked it as much as I do! =p
The bf and I usually share our food as we love to have a little bit of everything. Loving his red meats, the bf went for his Wafu Steak, cooked medium rare:
Sigh. I wanted to take more close-up shots of his steak but the two boys kept going
So no nice shots of that mouthwatering, succulent, juicy pink tender centre of the steak that melts in your mouth. So delicious. Too bad the rawness of the beef does put me off a little. I hate the sight of blood so even the blood of a dead cow still puts me off. 
We also ordered a Sashimi Set:
It comes with fresh Mackerel, Salmon, Tuna and Yellowtail. This is only the side view of the set. You get about 3 slices per type of fish and the set comes with a bowl of rice and miso soup. I love their shredded radish and carrots, so much that I couldn’t stop munching away at them! 
here’s another shot of the fresh, gloriously sweet Sashimi:
If you love Sashimi and ever happen to visit Asa Kusa, this is a MUST HAVE. Every slice of fish tastes so buttery and fresh that it just melts in your mouth the moment you sink your teeth into them. Looking at those photos just makes me hungry for Sashimi again, even though I just had some a few hours ago :s #glutton
I ordered Nigiri Moriawase this time around as I love Sushi and I haven’t tried Asa Kusa’s Sushi set!
Sorry for the bad photo. The two men were getting so impatient so this shot was hurriedly taken. =( You get 8 pieces of sushi with two teeny salmon rolls. 
The Tamago sushi is oh so delicious. Oh my goodness. I never order Tamago sushi in restaurants back home because I just think it’s an ordinary egg omelette on top of a small palmful of rice and those yucky Tamago sushis you get from Jusco put me off this egg sushi completely. 
Today, I’m a convert. Asa Kusa’s Tamago Sushi tastes like nothing I’ve ever tasted before. The only way to put it would be that it tastes like solid custard. So creamy, buttery and fragrant! I was in Egg-y heaven with every bite. I would have walloped the entire sushi if the bf didn’t say
‘Hey you’re eating into my share!!’
But this is delicious. I’ve ordered various fish sushi from Asa Kusa before and they never disappoint so I’m really happy!
After finishing our meal (we didn’t order tempura this time around) Xhong mentioned how yummy the tempura was today.
The bf and I looked at each other and before we knew it, a nice plate of Ebi Tempura appeared on our table:
Just look at how perfectly the tempura’s fried! No burnt bits and every single piece is evenly cooked to perfection!! The tempura batter’s nicely seasoned with just a little pinch of salt (and maybe pepper) where it’s so crispy on the outside but the Ebi is juicy and flavoursome! You get 6 pieces of Ebi when you order their Ebi Tempura but I love how they added a slice of Green Pepper Tempura on the side! 
Being the alcoholic, I just had to order a Black Asahi beer (tastes like a mix between Guinness and cider, according to Xhong) 
Aah. The perfect way to end a perfect meal! *burp*

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