My cheaponess at its best!

Im typing this as I’m on the Vienna bound train and I just cannot contain my excitement as we just managed to bag ourselves a free Day Vorteilscard which is similar to the Young Person’s Railcard in the UK where cardholders are entitled to 1/3 off rail fares. The Vorteilscard on the other hand allows a good 50% off train travel and usually costs €19 for a yearly card (methinks)

We were at the Linz station when the unhelpful people at the Information counter asked us to use the self-service ticket machines. We checked the prices and gaped at the cost: €53.10 for two single tickets to Vienna.

Egad. Earlier, the bf happily informed me train tickets to Vienna were ‘cheap at only €13 per person’. Bah. Being the usually difficult and bitchy person that I am, I started telling the bf off and he kept insisting ‘no no it is really €13!’

We went back to the information counter, a different one this time and were told the same thing, that it costs €53.10 unless you purchase a Vorteilscard.

The cheapskate in me then decided to join the ticketing queue to ask if they do ‘student discounts’ hehe and guess what?

We got ourselves a free Day Vorteilscard!!

All I did was ask very nicely if they do special prices for students and the man handed me two forms and tadah! Two singles to Vienna for €28.10, which gives me some allowance for *cough* more make up *cough* or even my favourite up of Nespresso bought on board the train for a hefty €2.70 :p

Any of you have similar cheapskate experiences? Do share! :p

p/s: I’m feeling a lot better now, thank you for all of your encouraging comments *big group hug* I will reply comments as soon as I get free Internet in our Viennese hostel so please bear with me!

I detest wordy photo-less posts so I’m ending this post with my cuppa Nespresso coffee. Can you smell the aroma of freshly brewed coffee enticing you to grab a mug yourselves? :p

Stay safe everyone! 🙂


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