My Burberry Body Fragrance Sample is here! =)

The doorbell rang really loudly this morning while I was still happily snoozing my alarm. Thinking it’s a parcel from the mother I quickly rushed out of bed, groggily opened the door and much to my shock, disappointment and embarrassment (I was still in my PJs, had bad breath and disheveled hair), my friendly neighborhood postman shoved a small (read: TINY) package in my hand and said

‘Now get back to bed, love.’ 

That woke me up. Sigh I hope dear Mr. Postman won’t be getting nightmares anytime soon :s 
I ripped the box open and a very sultry Rosie Huntington-Whiteley greeted me.
Whee! My fragrance sample is here!! 
I was astonished they sent me a 4.5ml deluxe bottle as I was expecting only a teeny vial but Burberry’s incredibly generous!!

The fragrance bottle’s a miniature of its larger-sized siblings! Very pretty multi-faceted glass bottle with a rose gold coloured embossed check lid, synonymous with the brand’s famous check design!

On a random note, I love the background music accompanying the presentation of the fragrance on their website. Check it out!! 

update 4/9: I spoke to Catherine from Burberry (via their chatbox) and I managed to get the name of the song!! It’s


by The Feeling

It never fails to tickle me as the song’s all about the wine itself hehe!

So Burberry says this is an ‘effortlessly sensual feminine fragrance’ with green absinthe, peach and freesia for top notes; rose absolute, iris and warm sandalwood as its heart notes and woody cashmeran, creamy vanilla, amber and musk as its base notes.

I’m not very good at describing smells but the minute I applied this onto my skin I could smell sandalwood, which took me aback for a bit as I’m no fan of sandalwood. After a couple of minutes I took another whiff and the scent changed completely!

This fragrance has a very sophisticated scent! I could smell floral notes in it (none of your Marc Jacobs Daisy flowery smells) but how do I put it… Hmm there’s warmth to this fragrance unlike some of the sickly sweet-smelling perfumes out there. I couldn’t really smell absinthe (not that I want to anyway) but you get a whiff of all the other ingredients as the day goes on!

I’m not much of a fragrance person as I usually forget to apply perfume before leaving the house but I think this may have changed my mind as I kept sniffing at my wrists throughout the day, prompting a colleague of mine to say

‘You haven’t got anything illegal on your wrists, have you? You’ve been sniffing at them all day!’


Did you apply for a sample? Have you received yours yet? =p

Thank you, Burberry! You’ve truly made my day! =)


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