Meet The Parents.

Through the contents of a parcel. 
I received a parcel earlier today and am astounded at how Mum managed to make sure the parcel reached me today *cough birthday cough*
They are really badly taken photos but I just couldn’t contain my excitement so here they are!! 
Heavy box filled to the brimmed and air-flown! 
I really like the blue. #random
Anyway I took a really quick photo once I took the lid off! 
Bee Hoon / Rice Noodles / Rice Vermicelli whatever you want to call it! I’m quite the fussy eater when it comes to eating Bee Hoon (my favourite type of noodles… Will get there later) and I have tried so many brands here (Yeos, River something etc.) but all those noodles are extremely starchy and are practically limp when placed in noodles. 
I have to ask Mum on what brand she gets but it’s quite difficult to get hold of as you can only get them at Tesco Extra in Shah Alam as well as in some other places but I’m not too sure about that! I love this because it’s not starchy and stays firm and even springy when drenched with soup! So very yummy and a huge staple of mine!
Onto the topic of noodles… My stomach does not handle Koay Teow / Hor Fun / Flat Rice Noodles well as it’s very oily and it makes me bloated so I try to avoid them when I can. Yellow / egg noodles contain a crazy amount of alkaline water so I stay away from them too! =)
Mum sent a crazy amount of Ginseng too and I’m having a nice cuppa Ginseng tea as I’m typing this. Yums!! 
Dear readers, I have MOONCAKES TOO!!!! *drools* I can’t wait to have mooncake and sip chinese tea tonight!! Better late than never! 
Moving on to the heavier items:
(From L-R)
1. My all-time favourite Light Soya Sauce I can’t live without! I have a penchant for half-boiled eggs in the morning and I cannot live without a few drops of this particular brand of soy sauce! Try it and you will love it! Mother darling sent a huge bottle of this good stuff over yum yum yum!!
2. Life Ginger Marinade. Amazing for everything. Chicken, Fish, Duck, whatever. Just slap this marinade on, leave it overnight and cook the next day. Tastes delicious when paired with Oyster Sauce. =D
3. Ulam Sauce. I love steaming fish and then serve with a dollop of Ulam Sauce on top! Very tasty!
4. Erm. To be honest I don’t know why Mum popped this in but it’s very nice Assam… If you like Assam, that is! I don’t eat it very much as I’m not very fond of such snacks. It really helps if you’re feeling ill though. 
One more!
Chinese Herbs!!
I love herbal soup. Nothing beats having a nice warm bowl (maybe two) of herbal soup in winter! Yet another fav I cannot live without! 
Thank you Mum and Dad for one of the best ever birthday presents!! =) 
Oh, and Happy Malaysia Day to all Malaysians! 

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