Lush’s The Sacred Truth Fresh Face Mask is love!

Lush’s Fresh Face Masks are something I would love to indulge in on a weekly basis but I’m afraid I can’t as it would cost too much! Priced at £5.50 with 75g of product, it goes off quickly as it’s made of fresh ingredients and most of the time I can’t seem to use it up before its use by date. I do try to purchase one whenever I’m in London as I love the idea of applying fresh fruit onto my face minus the mess should I make them myself! 
I also love how you will be given a free Fresh Face Mask when you return 5 empty pots! Recycling at its best, methinks! 
So The Sacred Truth is said to be
‘The Truth is we all need protection from ageing’ 

This age-prevention product consists of Wheatgrass, Ginseng, Green Tea, fresh Papaya (yums I haven’t had Papaya in ages), cleansing clays and nutritious butters which enhances and revives the complexion. 
Like all Fresh Face Masks, the mask should be left on the face for about 5-10 minutes and washed off with warm water. I tried leaving them on for over 20 minutes and they were a pain to remove as the clay really sticks to your skin! 
This mask applies smoothly unlike some of their other masks eg. Catastrophe Cosmetic which has blueberries in it and the skin of the fruit makes it slightly difficult to apply the mask properly. 
My skin has been rather dry lately (weather change, perhaps?) so this mask has been perfect for me as it’s meant to be a moisturizing mask. Like all other Lush products, my skin does not react to this and I’m surprised I’ve only tried this for the first time as I’ve always stuck to purchasing Catastrophe Cosmetic (because I love blueberries) or Love Lettuce simply because I love the scent of them masks!
I’m glad I gave this a go as I have to come to terms with the fact that I am not getting any younger and it’s about time I started using anti-aging products. =p 

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