Chanel Illusion D’Ombre in Illusoire 83

Of late, I’ve been crazy about cream-based make up products. First cream blushes and now eyeshadows! I have the gorgeous Hanny  to thank as she’s been encouraging me to give eyeshadows a go and after going through many of her FOTDS  I decided to take the plunge and got myself not one, but two cream shadows! 
I have a thing for persistent sales assistants. I would almost always walk in with one product in mind and then walk away with a completely different product. I’m a victim of hard-selling, sigh! I’ve been going on and on with Hanny (and also on my lust list) on how much I wanted the Chanel Illusion D’ombre in Emerveille which is a nice peachy colour but upon approaching the Chanel counter in Debenhams in Westfield the lovely SA insisted I purchased Illusoire as it’s a ‘unique shade and would look lovely on my brown eyes.’

For the record, my eyes aren’t that brown. I think it’s more black than anything but oh wells. I kept touching Emerveille but she just kept taking me further and further away from the colour, saying it’s quite a common colour and I can easily get dupes in MAC or even in drugstore brands!  
*waves white flag*
It was between this and the green-ish eyeshadow but I thought I might as well head for Illusoire as I already purchased some greens from Inglot earlier.
Photo time!
The little tub contains 4g of product and comes with a nifty little brush that doubles as an all-over-eye brush as well as an eyeliner brush as shown in this diagram:
When I looked at the eyeshadow in store, it looked purple in the tub but when swatched, it leans towards grey / brown! 
Here’s how it looks in the tub:
I’m sure it’s the horrible lighting I had when I took this photo but it doesn’t look purple at all, does it? I love the bounciness of this eyeshadow! As this is my first cream eyeshadow, I wasn’t expecting such a firm texture as I’ve always thought of cream shadows to be somewhat soft! 
Here’s a swatch taken without flash under natural daylight:
With flash:
I have a feeling my camera hates purples because I can’t seem to see any purple hues in these swatch photos! I did my very best to stand outside the house (it was at about 1pm so there should be enough daylight) but the swatches still came out rather grey! =( Maybe I was being too stingy with the swatches hehehe, not enough swipes for the purple to show up! =p
Swatches aside, I think this looks quite nice on me when paired with Rimmel’s Colour Mousse in 006 Get Fresh (also a new addition to my stash) which is a shimmery pink:
All done with my fingers! =D I applied Get Fresh all over my lids as a base (no primer) and then gently blended Illusoire in starting from the outer lid! I uhm, ‘lined’ my eyes with Illusoire too and then smudged it out with my baby finger. =p 
As for staying power… Would you believe the above photo was taken more than 10 hours after application? I went out at 9am and this photo was taken at about 8pm after dinner. Amazing, isn’t it? No touch-ups whatsoever and I have a bad habit of rubbing my eyes whenever dust gets into it so both the cream shadows survived the vigorous rubbing! 
Pressed eyeshadows have always intimidated me as I never knew how to blend eyeshadows with brushes or even with my fingers but I’m now starting to enjoy using cream shadows very much as they are not only a joy to apply but they do not budge once worked onto your lids! 
Certainly one of my best purchases in a while! =D 

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