Because I feel obliged to do so.

Le sigh. This is what happens when you have lovely blogger friends who are quite persistent. =p Lily for one has always encouraged me to apply eye liner when you all know I have the most watery eyes and shakiest hands. With these two ‘ailments’ combined you will either blind yourself or, like me, just give up on eye liner already. 
So this Hanny and Lily have also been pressuring me into doing a FOTD and being the most obliging person that I am (yeah roll your eyes already) I will present you with one. 
I have newfound respect for those of your lovely photogenic bloggers / people out there who diligently apply make up and take FOTDs because I do not even know what my ‘perfect angle’ is because when I look at myself in the mirror only one word comes to mind:

Without further ado, I shall let you into the products I used:
1. Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua
2. Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage in SC-2
3. Lancome Eclat Miracle Universal Radiance Booster
4. By Terry Touche Veloutee 01 Porcelain
6. BareMinerals Hydrating Mineral Veil
7. Guerlain Meteorites 
10. Bobbi Brown Sephia Ink Longwear Gel Liner
I really am on a roll with the Chanel eyeshadow, as you can see =D As all (if not most) pencil liners smudge on me, I actually gave the Bobbi Brown Gel Liner a go as I hear it does not budge upon application. 
I lined my upper lash line and lower waterline with my Ruby and Millie eyeliner brush and surprise surprise! It wasn’t that difficult to do after all though I did cringe quite a bit when I saw the brush coming towards my naked eye.  
 I think I may have applied the eyeshadow a little too sheerly but I’m not too keen on having an overly made up look as I was only going to dinner and I didn’t want to overdo it though this is a lot more than what I’d wear on an everyday basis. 
What do you think? I would really appreciate any comments as I know I’m the worst person ever when it comes to make up! =) Thank you! 

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  1. Amy January 10, 2014 / 08:34

    I googled for swatches of Bourjois foundation in 51 and found your site. It was exactly what I needed. is offering some Bourjois makeup. I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

    I saw your photo–and you’re not FAT or fat or even a little fat. Plump wouldn’t even apply. You are beautiful. When I put on a few pounds over holidays with friends and family, those pounds were worth it. It doesn’t take long to get back on track. No matter where we are in our lives with or without our pounds, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.

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