When Cream Teas run loose in Cockington.

Or should I say, when I run amok at the sight of cream teas in Cockington 😉 
To Cockington we go! We went on Day 2 (Saturday) and left immediately after breakfast at about 9. It was a gloomy day (yay!) but the sun came out later, which activated my heat rash +__+ 
We walked through the woods to get to this lovely place! Here’s me skipping along happily (oblivious to the fact that it’s getting sunnier)
 If you squint hard enough, you will notice I’m wearing a Batik wraparound skirt (bought from Penang at MYR18 which is about £3.60) because it’s summer and my pasty legs need some colour =p
The walk was really quite with a few old people walking their dogs! One old man came in the opposite direction, smiled at me and said
‘Bet you are gonna have some Cream Teas, eh?’
while winking at me before walking off…. which left me speechless and thinking (OMG THIS IS WHY YOU ARE FAT) 
Moving on, it took us 45 minutes to get to the village, blame it on my short fat legs and the boyfriend’s obsession with taking photos of trees, and with him sitting on logs. I’m just glad we made it in one piece without getting lost! The walk through the woods was extremely pleasant with signs along the way, gently nudging us in the right direction! =p 
I spotted two pheasants on the very first thatched roof cottage we saw! I suspect this area must have been a pheasant-hunting ground in the olden days. 
I then had a good nosy about The Old Granary Gift Shop & Country Store as it was the first shop to open around the area and I was looking for some souvenirs. I walked out empty-handed because we weren’t made to feel welcome when we were in the store. Yes yes, I am very picky person! I will not purchase something from a store if their customer service is non-existent! =p 
We then walked across the road to the Cockington Forge where horseshoes were made! The roofs here simply fascinates me =) 
There were two barrel-like thingys at the front of the shop. The bf cleverly proclaims
‘They must have hammered horse shoes on these barrels’
Anyone care to enlighten us? It looks like a tribal musical instrument to me… A drum, perhaps? 
Being the blind wanderers that we are, we wandered into Cockington Court! 
This quaint cottage greeted us at the entrance! 
So very pretty! Even the walk into the Court was really pretty and shady that I could keep my umbrella away! (yes I’m one of those crazy people who brandish an umbrella when the sun’s out)
It was such a pretty sight! So many families, so many dogs and children rolling down the hill:
There’s a horse-drawn carriage should you want your Prince Charming to whisk you off your feet and live happily ever after
There’s even an art studio and glassblowing centre deep within the heart of Cockington Court! I was really tempted to purchase a glass mushroom but the ever practical bf went
‘You aren’t gonna plant it in your garden, are you?’ 
Purchase fail. 
HOWEVER! I bought a lovely Blue Onyx ring from Luke Ashby who is 
Inspired by traditional Celtic designs and patterns from nature’ 

 =) I have a huge thing for semi-precious stones so I jumped at the ring the moment I saw it =p 
Before I forget, here’s a side view of Cockington Court in all its grandeur:
We said hello to two resident horses, one being Libby the horse who kept sniffing at my camera
and Gypsy the Emo Horse who didn’t even want to look at us. =(
We spent over 2 hours in Cockington Court where we made a few video calls home (thank goodness for technology) and we gave them a guided tour about the area =) which I think made the old ones quite happy 
Naturally, we were hungry after all that walking / talking so I demanded some Cream teas. Before that, we dropped by Cockington Forge for some souvenirs (as it’s finally open!)
There are so many tea rooms serving Devonshire tea / Devon Cream Tea or just Cream Tea as I call it! 
Here’s one of them (psst you can see my obsession with them slopping roofs as I keep taking photos of them!)
And the one we went to… The Rose Cottage with a live pianist!
We ordered two Cream Tea sets (£4.80) and only one pot of tea (£1.60) because we noticed they provide an extra pot of hot water, which means you can have more cups of tea! *cheapo alert*
Just look at the size of the warm scones and the amount of clotted cream! *dies in food heaven*
There’s an argument going on how you should eat your cream tea. I just slather on a huge amount of clotted cream and top it up with strawberry jam like this
Before taking a huge bite, oblivious to the fact that this will make the already fat me even fatter :s
Pure bliss! The clotted cream was so creamy and thick that the boyfriend helped himself to spoonfuls of the lovely stuff. (okay I did too =p) We were filled to the brim after and didn’t have any lunch *pats belly and lets out a massive burp*
The trip went a little downhill after when I felt my body was on fire and I was itching all over =( It started getting really sunny and humid too so we decided to head back. The walk back through the woods was a nightmare for me as there were all sorts of insects flying about and the itching got worse. 
Again, thank goodness for our lovely hosts who saved our holiday from going down the drain =) 


  1. Arhani "Hanny&q August 12, 2011 / 22:52

    Ohkay, I'm sooo jealous right now. I love the view! Makes me want to write a dark battle scene set in a quiet rustic village where all the innocents die grusome…. Wooops, accidentally let you into my demented psyche. Oh, and on the risk of being "suah pah", can I please ask if cream teas are actually scones with cream on top?

  2. S August 12, 2011 / 22:59

    Haha you and your fan fiction! =p Yes I actually feel the same way! ;)No lah you're not being 'suah pah' at all! Cream teas are actually scones with clotted cream (not normal cream), jam and tea! They are my favourite afternoon snack! =p

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