The Scrubbing Diaries: Lush Ocean Salt Facial Scrub

This is the culprit I mentioned in last week’s Scrubbing Diary! Lush’s Ocean Salt Facial Scrub!
I have a soft spot for Lush as I have never, had an allergic reaction when using their products! If I’m in London, I’ll always drop by their Covent Garden’s branch to get at least something. I will never walk out of Lush empty handed because there’s always something I want / need from the shop! =D
I needed a facial scrub after finishing my Neutrogena pink grapefruit one so I hopped over to Lush one happy London-bound weekend to check this out! I was actually really shocked when I saw those HUGE LUMPS OF SEA SALT in the scrub:
The SA convinced me this was ‘gentle enough’ for my face and seeing it IS a facial scrub and I did want a ‘complexion that glows’…. I caved in. 
This is what it’s like after spreading it out. You can really see those lumps of salt peeking out at you!
Ugh. I have been using this as a body scrub and I have to say this is an extremely rough scrub, not at all like my favourite Weleda Birch Scrub! My skin hated this product as it was really scratchy and left me with little cuts all over!
I’ve tried emulsifying the scrub before but if your scrub has lumps this big you will never be able to melt the salt! 
Lumps of salt aside, I really like the texture of the scrub as it is mousse-like and I figured it may do as a rather nice facial scrub if I removed the bits of salt…. and it did! It works like any other gentle facial scrub and doesn’t break me out nor leave my skin dry after use!

In Lush’s defense, they are now using finer sea salt in their Ocean Scrubs after complaints from customers so this is worth giving a go as I love that it has vodka in it *alcoholic* and the exotic tropical scent (coconut and lime) reminds me of home… *sighs*

As always, here’s the ingredient list!
 I do like the scrub (minus the gritty bits) very much and I just might give their new formula a go when this runs out! I can’t see myself running out of this anytime soon seeing a little goes a very long way with those gritty bits! 
Ocean Salt comes in two sizes, £6.75 for 120g and £12.50 for 250g.

Rating: 2/5


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