Review: No7 Limited Edition Lip & Cheek in Pink Tint

I worship Lisa Eldridge. I would buy anything she recommends… Well anything as long as it’s affordable. She’s been waxing lyrical over THIS Suqqu Face Brush for as long as I can remember but it’s the astronomical price tag that’s putting me off. But I like how she also recommends drugstore brands like Bourjois for people like me who cannot afford Suqqu and the likes. =p
Anyway, Lisa Eldridge is the Creative Consultant for No7, a Boots in-house brand and here, she explains the inspiration behind the Autumn Limited range:
‘Minimalism is the order of the day for Autumn/Winter 2011. We saw extremely chic monochromatic and tonal looks at A/W 2011 shows, with make-up that complemented the girls’ natural beauty rather than fought for attention. Minks, greys, camels and browns were used on the lids in lighter hues, while lips were kept nude or lightly touched with pink. In a twist to this 1990s inspired make-up, skin was beautifully luminous, flawless and healthy looking. So get ready to rock the ‘no make-up’ make-up trend to perfection – using sophisticated, chic and luxe products in the most skin enhancing tones.’

This is the only product I’ve purchased from the Autumn Limited Edition range (for now)…. I was walking around the No7 counter wanting to spend my £5 voucher when I came across this Lip & Cheek Tint! (yay for versatile items) 
I bought this in Pink Tint (there are two, the other being Bronze Tint) and comes with 8g of product:
Quite generous I must say! Onto the packaging of the product, I love how minimalist it is! No unnecessary box packaging (I detest box packaging because at the end of the day all you do is throw it out) just the Tint all by itself! *extra brownie points for Lisa*
I also like how a tiny cap lies on top of the product, protecting it from any nicks / bacteria:
I can see myself using this product everyday! 
So what does Boots say about this product? 
Let your skin do the talking with this lip and cheek tint. This multi-purpose stick comes in natural tones to enhance the contours of your face, and the sheer colour can be layered on for desired intensity. The smooth gel structure is wax-free, so glides onto your skin for a soft, non-tacky finish. 

Pink Tint epitomises modern sophistication and is well matched for fairer skins while Bronze Tint oozes sensuality – perfectly suited for darker skins.
This Lip & Cheek Tint isn’t very pigmented which is good for me as it gives me more room for correction should my application go awry 😉 It glides on really smoothly (oh hello, silicon!) it’s the colour that blows me away! 
It’s a lovely shade of pink border-lining coral with fine gold shimmer which looks so pretty when it catches the light! I would also say that this tint carries a slight golden / bronzy undertone that’s perfect for Autumn as you still want to have that slightly tanned just-after-summer sheen! 
I have another No7 voucher to spend and I just might check out their Double-Ended Pencils  which I think a certain blogger  may fancy seeing she’s eyeing a nude eye pencil which is pretty close to ivory (or so I think) lol! 
This range isn’t permanent which is such a shame as I can see myself repurchasing this product as it’s so easy to use! Then again I may make use of my vouchers and get myself a back up! =p In all a brilliant product!
Rating: 4.5/5



  1. Arhani "Hanny&q August 21, 2011 / 12:22

    I'm in love with Lisa Eldrige too! ^.^ Gee, if only I lived in the UK… DON'T TEMPT ME WOMAN!! That's my job bwahahahha.

  2. S August 21, 2011 / 17:54

    Hahaha I could help you get one! *wink wink*

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