Review: M.A.C Dame Blush (Satin)

My first of the two MAC blushes i purchased a good weekend ago! I wasn’t sure whether to purchase this or not as it had a cool pink tone (I prefer coral blushes) and I thought I saw some blueish sparkles / shimmer in it. I’m not too keen on cool blushes as I always think they make me look even more ghastly what more with blue sparkles in it! 
The SA insisted it looked good on pale skin tones and somehow persuaded me to try it on! I was pleasantly surprised after application as this gave me ‘naturally’ flushed pink cheeks! 
This blush isn’t as pigmented as some other blushes I swatched in store but I see it as a good thing for people like me who have to be very, very careful when applying pigmented blushes as I don’t want to end up looking like a clown. With Dame you can just dust it onto your cheeks and not worry about looking like one! 
Here’s a swatch (I had to swipe it about 4 times just to get the colour to show up):
Even after 4 swipes the colour’s still quite sheer! This is a Satin blush which I think is quite close to Matte blushes in terms of texture but it goes on less powdery (aiks if this makes any sense) and has a subtle shimmer to it. I tried a few Matte blushes but they were all too powdery for my liking. Then again, I may change my mind. =)
I’m pleased with my first MAC blush! I haven’t given Peachykeen a go yet as I’ve been happily dusting Dame onto my cheeks without looking at a mirror and so far I haven’t gone wrong with it yet! =p 
This is a lovely blush to have if you are quite pale as you don’t need very much to achieve that just-ran-through-the-fields-flushed-look without having to do any exercise =p Darker skin tones may like this too as the colour intensity is buildable. So what do you think of this blush? If you own one, are you enjoying it as much as I do? =)


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