Review: Kose Clearturn White Essence Mask

A little digression from all my blushes in an attempt to mask the fact that I’m a huge blush addict =p I’m quite the avid sheet mask user since coming to the UK as my skin turns extremely dry (think chapped, cracked, peeling) during the colder months and I discovered they help keep my skin moisturized. 
I was browsing through Sasa when I came across this. I did a bit of Googling about and discovered this is actually meant to be used as a lotion mask where you use it in place of toner. 
It comes in a plastic box with a sticker for a lid:
I’m not fond of sticky label lids as I find the stickiness wears out quite quickly, resulting in the masks losing moisture fast. Even faster if you’ve got central heating switched on. :s Anyway, you are meant to use this everyday but I use it every other day to make it last longer =p 
The masks lie inside, nicely soaked with essence / lotion:
I like using them in the evenings just to give my skin that extra moisture boost! Price wise, it costs USD15.80 for 26 sheets but they tend to dry up slightly before you can finish using them due to the lid. I actually keep this in an airtight container to avoid them drying out. 
Rating: 3/5 



  1. Arhani "Hanny&q August 21, 2011 / 12:32

    ooooo. Masks. I rarely the sheet ones, but I use my clay mask from Clinique every Sunday. heh heh heh. Does it do any good for your skin?

  2. Julia August 21, 2011 / 16:58

    I have those, too! Just finished one pack and waiting for cooler days to open pack #2. xDI love the smell, reminds me of Sekkisei. (Same Kosé, same whitening, I guess?) I don't feel like they do much in terms of whitening, though, but then again, I'm already white as a ghost and only use them to lighten scars and make my skin look more translucent. But I guess the real Sekkisei does a lot better job there, at least it did when I tried a mask once.

  3. S August 21, 2011 / 17:49

    Hanny: I find it moisturizes my skin better than just using regular lotion / toner but I don't know if it actually whitens my skin! Try them, they aren't too bad! =pJulia: When you say Sekkisei's mask, do you mean their lotion mask or their essence mask? I have a set of Sekkisei here waiting for me to start using them but I've got to use everything else up first hehe!

  4. Julia August 22, 2011 / 17:17

    Er… I don't know, I just got a mask to try out back then. You know, a single packed sheet mask. ^^;;I tried the whole "pour lotion on mask sheet" thing, too, and it also worked quite nicely, but my skin felt a bit dryer afterwards. I guess the Essence must be better?

  5. S August 22, 2011 / 17:18

    Lol! The 'pour lotion on mask sheet' thing is quite drying for me too! I would love to try more of Kose's products now that I find my skin doesn't react to them =)

  6. rhen April 30, 2013 / 04:45

    Hmm this seems like the most popular among the line. I have been reading a couple of reviews on them already. Too bad my skin is not in terms with anything whitening 😛 I do have the Collagen one of this…you may like checking out my review here:

    • SukieK May 4, 2013 / 15:44

      Hello! =) Thanks for dropping by! I haven't tried the Collagen one, will take a look at your review! xx

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