Review: Bourjois’ Healthy Mix (51), 10 Hour Sleep Effect (71) and Bio Detox (52) foundations!

A bit unexpected, really. I was going to review only the Bio Detox foundation but I thought it would be nice to bring all three Bourjois foundations in just to compare their textures. I can’t compare their shades because I got the Bio Detox foundation in Shade 52 which is, I have to admit a lot darker for me. =p Long story short, the bf was trying to take advantage of the 3 for 2 offer on Bourjois products (he had to purchase black nail polish to paint his glasses as the paint chipped off) so he bought me both the Bio Detox foundation and concealer in one shade darker because
‘It’s summer and you should probably tan a little.’ 
That’s the bf for you. 
Anyway, onto the Bio Detox foundation!
This is my first organic foundation! Bourjois claims this foundation provides you with a ‘fresh and even complexion’ and ‘detoxified skin’. It’s also enriched with Chlorophyll from plants which brings in oxygen  and filters pollution, leaving the skin fresh. 
Unsurprisingly, this foundation has loads of negative reviews on MUA and the likes due to it’s thick and difficult-to-blend texture. As this foundation does not contain silicon it does not have the nice slip both the Healthy Mix and 10 Hour Sleep Effect foundations provide. However, I find this quite a joy to use as it is perfect for summer due to its matte finish! On the other hand, both Healthy Mix and 10 Hour Sleep Effect dries to a slightly dewy finish which can get a little greasy during summer. 
Due to the lack of silicon in the Bio Detox foundation, I ‘create’ my own slip by spritzing my face with a bit of  Sana’s Hadanomy Collagen Mist before quickly spreading this foundation all over! I find this extremely pigmented too thanks to its thick texture so I do not need any concealer when I use this as it pretty much gives me full coverage. =) 
Now that I’ve given more than my two cents’ worth on this foundation, shall we move on to all three of them? 
I have reviewed both the 10 Hour Sleep Effect and Healthy Mix foundations here back in May and you can see how I’m slowly using the Healthy Mix foundation up! =p I haven’t been using much of the 10 Hour Sleep Effect foundation as I have been having breakouts and I’m not very good with concealer so I stick to using Healthy Mix as it gives me better coverage. 😉
First thoughts first. I love all three of them, different textures and all as they provide me with different finishes and although they are slightly pricey for a drugstore brand, you can always get them on offer (3 for 2, mostly) at Boots or Superdrug =) 
The 10 Hour Sleep Effect foundation is the sheerest in terms of coverage and is the most moisturizing of the three so this would be perfect for winter or for those with normal-drier skin types. If you have oily skin, you would need to set this foundation with powder or it will slide off your face. This covers my redness nicely but I still need concealer for my blemishes.
The Healthy Mix foundation is fast becoming one of my HG foundations as it’s seen me through one of the worst breakouts of my life! It doesn’t hide my blemishes completely but it camouflages them and makes them less visible which is a huge plus! This does dry to a slightly dewy finish but is less moisturizing than the 10 Hour Sleep Effect foundation. 
Now for some swatches! I did my best to only do 1/4 pump for all 3 foundations: 
Lol the Bio Detox foundation’s sticking out like a sore thumb in terms of colour! As you can see the Bio Detox is the only foundation that’s not quite sliding down my arm whereas the 10 Hour Sleep Effect and Healthy Mix foundations are already making their way down my arm! 
I ‘stretched’ the foundations a little to show you their textures and how they sit on my skin:
The Bio Detox tops my list of one of the most ‘solid’ foundations yet whereas the other two foundations blend out pretty easily:
These photos were all taken under natural sunlight. Note how the 10 Hour Sleep Effect Foundation seems to be the shiniest, followed by the Healthy Mix Foundation and finally the Bio Detox which seems to be rather matte. 
All in all, the three foundations do live up to their names: all blend in nicely and aren’t cakey (well you’ve got to be careful with Bio Detox, the trick is to BLEND IN QUICKLY or spritz your skin with some toner first to give it a bit of a ‘slip’) and my sensitive skin does not react to them! =)
Texture (thin to thick): 10 Hour Sleep, Healthy Mix, Bio Detox
Coverage (sheer to full): 10 Hour Sleep, Healthy Mix, Bio Detox
I highly recommend all three foundations as they provide different finishes and so you can use them for different occasions! I see myself using more of the 10 Hour Sleep Effect foundation during colder months as my skin can do with the extra moisture then; Healthy Mix is an all-round foundation as it’s perfect to use anytime of the year with good coverage and Bio Detox for when you need full coverage and when the weather’s warmer because this foundation does not slide off my face yet feels very light! 
Do give the Healthy Mix foundation a go if you can as I think it’s a good all-rounder! 😉 
I hope this post is helpful for those of you who want to give Bourjois’ foundations a go but do not know which to purchase! Feel free to ask me any questions! =)


  1. Arhani "Hanny&q August 15, 2011 / 08:02

    EEEK! You temptress you!!! We don't have Bourjois here in Msia. >.< Glad they work for you though.

  2. Paris B / Pink Paris August 15, 2011 / 09:40

    Oh hello! We are the same shade for the Bourjois foundation! 😀 I tested Bio Detox but didn't like the thick texture. I LOVE Healthy Mix and the Healthy Mix Gel is even lighter. Loverly!

  3. S August 15, 2011 / 13:30

    Hanny: since I'm tempting you already… Watsons Singapore carries Bourjois! :pParis: Hello! There's a Gel version of Healthy Mix? I didn't know! You just need to blend really quickly when it comes to the Bio Detox foundation 😉

  4. Arhani "Hanny&q August 15, 2011 / 13:50

    I REFUSE TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE GDP OF SINGAPORE!!!! Bwahahaaha. I'm just joking. ^.^

  5. S August 15, 2011 / 22:01

    Hahaha I can't help contributing to their GDP simply because they have such lovely stuff! =p

  6. Julia August 15, 2011 / 22:18

    It's a real shame they don't sell Bourjois in Germany. >.<I got the Healthy Mix from a friend in Switzerland and saw the Bio Detox on Asos, but where shall I get the Healthy Gel foundation?Healthy Mix is indeed nice, just a bit too yellow for me, but I can mix it with my too pink Astor foundation. xD (Being neutral-toned is a funny thing, huh? ^^;)

  7. S August 15, 2011 / 23:07

    Hi Julia! I have no idea myself! I have never heard of the Gel version until Paris mentioned it! Thank you for dropping by! <3

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