Review: Biotherm Source Therapie 7 Perfection Catalyzing Serum

My Mum always stresses on how important serums are and how they really ‘penetrate into your skin’. I used to hate using serums because in humid Malaysia it means:
One extra layer of gunk on your face = Added greasiness (on top of everything else)
However, coming to a cold, dry country has made me realize the importance of using serums! 
As I hate oil-based serums, I was on the lookout for a serum that wouldn’t leave my skin greasy and a ex-housemate introduced this to me.
The ‘Biotherm Biologists’ claim to have immersed 7 ionized minerals in an ultra-sensorial velvety-gel to catalyze skin perfection: cellular renewal increases, hydration flows within the skin’s surface layers, and skin is visibly revitalized.
Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? The serum comes in two sizes, 30ml and 50ml bottles and the one I have here is the 50ml one which lasts about 4 months (if the bf doesn’t nick it). I love how light this serum is! One pump is all you need for your face and it’s slightly runny:
Prior to using this, I had a few dry patches on my cheeks which I couldn’t seem to get rid of but this serum took all the dryness away within a week! I’ve been repurchasing this over the last two years now and this is definitely saying something seeing I love trying new products and I always have this ‘out with the old, in with the new’ theory. =p 
This definitely works for me as my skin has never reacted to this product! I wouldn’t say it’s a miracle product where the effects are immediate but with constant use this not only keeps your skin nicely hydrated but gives you a glowing complexion too!
Other than Biotherm’s  Aquasource Skin Perfection Moisturizer and Skin.Ergetic Serum (review to come soon), I have very high praise for some of their other skin care products such as their Aquasource Gel, Face Scrub and even Cleansers because my skin has never been better when using them! 
This is a HG product for me and I will keep repurchasing them in bulk (during Christmas sales when their gift sets come with generously sized freebies)!!
Do you have a favourite serum you can’t live without? 😉

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