A lovely weekend spent at The Gainsboro, Torquay!

It’s been quite a stressful last couple of months with the boyfriend having major exams and me with my never-ending workload of essays / books to read / dissertation (still working on the dissertation)! We then decided to get out of Canterbury just for a weekend but we didn’t want to go into London because he lives in London and I’ve been to London way too many times!
We then logged onto booking.com and proceeded to randomly search for hotels. The decision to go to Torquay was extremely random, with us looking for the ‘cheapest and best’ Bed and Breakfast with the BEST reviews! 
The Gainsboro Guest House   has a rating of 9.3 and they had one last room going at £120 for 2 nights! Being a sucker for good reviews and quite a bargain deal, I told the bf
‘Book first la cancellation is free anyway’ 
Without reading the fine print! As this was a last minute booking, we couldn’t cancel for free! Not that we wanted to cancel anyway =p 
We then looked up train tickets to get to Torquay, South Devon and we discovered it takes over 6 hours to get to Torquay +__+ Nevertheless, we jumped on this adventure. 
I have photos of the 3 different trains we got on but that is for another day. Today, I will be gushing on how amazing this B&B is! 
They weren’t kidding when they mentioned the train station is a mere 5 minute walk away! We saw a sign (literally!) 
Hurray! I was actually really tired and my short legs were extremely cramped from the train journey so I wasn’t really looking forward to going out but Stuart made all the difference!
note: Sue and Stuart run the guesthouse =)
Here’s a view of Gainsboro from the front: 
Stuart showed us our room and we were served tea and cake before he proceeded to give us an overview of Torquay, places that are worth visiting etc. He even gave us a map of the area and recommendations for dinner, which was extremely helpful for those who do not bother researching the place before they head there *us* hehe. Okay before the bf gets defensive he did do some research on the poshest-we-can-never-afford places to eat. 😉
The lounge is pretty! 
The lovely dining room where the boyfriend enjoys getting his daily muesli fix from the breakfast buffet table! 
I forgot to take a photo of our room! *sheepish* the room is nicely sized though =)
The main highlight of our trip was…. My heat rash. On the second day in Torquay we headed to Cockington, a little town with the prettiest cottages and as Stuart puts it,
‘The most photographed village in England’
where we had to walk quite a bit through the woods and my sensitive skin decided to flare up!! =( Right after we headed back to Gainsboro we decided not to go out anymore and order a takeout (Indian, bad, bad choice) and the bf asked Sue and Stuart if we can order a takeaway because some guesthouses do not allow people to eat in their rooms! 
Surprising enough, they did not only say yes but Sue came to our room with plates and cutlery! She then asked if I was okay and came back a few moments later with baby powder and anti-histamines to ease the pain, how very thoughtful and lovely of them! 
I’m waxing lyrical about this place because I have been to a few other Bed and Breakfasts and had a very, very bad experience at one in Windermere where the owners threatened to SUE ME just because I gave them a negative review on booking.com. :s 
Here’s a photo of our Full English Breakfast (we had the same breakfast two days in a row because I thought it was lovely the bacon / sausages weren’t charred!)
Black pudding is offered on the menu but we opted out since it doesn’t appeal to our taste buds =p 
I miss Gainsboro already =( Now if only the bf would make me a proper Full English breakfast =p 

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