Review: Juju Aquamoist Hyaluronic Acid Lotion, Sana Hadanomy Collagen Mist.

The whole hyaluronic acid hype in skin care products started just after I left home, which made me feel rather left out =( I’ve been wanting to try ’em products for ages but Mum’s been the one pulling out all the stops as she thinks they are a waste of money. =p 
I have since tried Hada Labo, which I sneakily bought at Changi Airport’s Watsons which broke me out rather badly, I must admit (oh dear, I can see Mum going ‘serves you right!’) and it has since put me off giving these ‘new’ Japanese brands a go…… Until recently.
My really bad breakout prompted a good Japanese friend of mine to ask if I wasn’t eating healthily or I changed my skin care routine. (I was giving the Origins Make a Difference range a go at that time) I casually mentioned I recently started using a new range of skin care but haven’t changed my diet at all! 
She then went on saying my skin looked really dry whereas I on the other hand felt my skin was greasy (due to the moisturizer, perhaps?) so she brought me these two toners the very next day and asked me to give them a go! 
I initially said no because I’m terrified of any hyaluronic acid-related products no thanks to my Hada Labo nightmare but she just shoved them into my hands and INSISTED I give them a go. 
Thank goodness for lovely friends like A! My skin condition is a lot better now that I’ve used these two products over a month now! 
Juju Aquamoist’s Lotion is said to be similar to Hada Labo’s where the Hada Labo lotion is more viscous whereas Juju’s is more runny. Application wise, I simply apply some lotion onto a cotton pad and then apply it to my face in patting motions. I enjoy the patting the lotion into my skin because it gives out a very nice cooling effect. =p 
A mentioned the Sana Hadanomy Collagen Mist can be used before Juju’s Lotion as a moisturizing boost OR it can be used alone as a toner. 
I normally use the Mist as a toner in the morning because I do not like putting too many products on my skin first thing in the morning =) 
Or you can see it as I’m just too lazy to pat the lotion in. =p 

I find these products go very well together as my face is more moisturized and comfortable now! Also, I’m not suffering from any breakouts at the moment *touches wood* which is really good seeing I have such fussy skin =p 
Juju Aquamoist Lotion Rating: 5/5
Sana Hadanomy Collagen Mist Rating: 5/5 

Torquay, South Devon.

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