Review: Biotherm’s Aquasource Skin Perfection

I am a huge fan of Biotherm’s Aquasource Gel. I usually buy at least 2 tubs of this during Christmas (or sometimes post-Christmas) when Biotherm releases their Chirstmas gift sets which will usually come with a full tub of Aquasoure Gel with a 50ml tube of Cleanser and 100ml of Toner. Best part is, the cleanser and toner’s free so you only pay something like £28.50 for 3 products. #cheapo
Then, if you are willing to risk it, you can always wait for Boots’ post-Christmas sales (go to the Westfield Boots branch as Angela, the lovely Biotherm SA is really generous with her samples =p)  where they will slash the prices down! This year I managed to bag myself this Aquasource Skin Perfection set (RRP: £30.50) for only £19!!! Exciting times =p 
I had high hopes for this product as it costs £2 more than my lovely Aquasource Gel so I assumed it should be better…. But boy was I really wrong! 
Photos first! =)
The moisturizer is housed in a heavy glass tub. I am no fan of tubs because it irks me when I constantly dip my fingers (dirty or not) into the tub and I start imagining bacteria breeding in there. :s So I usually use a spatula to scoop some out and place some moisturizer into a small container so the big tub stays fresh longer! It’s also a lot easier to transport as this moisturizer is heavy. All that unnecessary packaging! *rant* 
The moisturizer itself is as blue as the colour of the tub: 
How do I explain the texture? It isn’t as watery as the Aquasource Gel but this feels more cream-like than gel-like. I’m sorry I keep comparing this to the Aquasource Gel but I haven’t got any photos to prove it! I’ve run out of my favourite Aquasource Gel but I think I’ve got a few more samples over in London so I will update this post / put up a new post when the time comes! 
This cream-like moisturizer doesn’t go on your face smoothly as it has a somewhat grainy / sandy feeling to it. I suppose sandy would be a better word to use as it’s quite fine but it bugs me! I like my moisturizers smooth, thank you very much!
The Aquasource Skin Perfection doesn’t absorb into my skin as quickly as I would like it to! Just look at how it sits on my skin:
When I use this moisturizer I find my sunscreen and make-up etc do not go on as smoothly as they normally do as I can constantly feel the sandy texture of this moisturizer. Also, I’m not too sure if this, together with the Origins Make a Difference Moisturizers broke me out but I’m pretty sure it played a role in turning my skin upside down! =( 
I might as well save the £2 and get back to using my beloved Aquasource Gel but I hear they’ve changed the formula *oh no!* and I’m just really hoping it still suits my oh-so-cranky skin type.
Rating: 1/5 Very disappointing product! 1 point because I love Biotherm. =p