O London, how I miss thee!

I miss Piccadilly Circus,
Where I usually get my fix of Teriyaki Soba in Tsuyu stock at the Japan Centre.
I also miss
Butler’s Chocolate Cafe at Westfield shopping centre because you get a free chocolate with any hot drink purchased:
Since we’re talking about chocolates, I miss Rococo Chocolates! They do the best Rose chocolates EVER:

Inamo for its interactive order system that gets you giddy after a while (food’s not that great by the way but dining there itself is an eye-opener):

Monmouth Coffee Company for their incredibly aromatic and rich, full-bodied coffee:
Hummingbird Bakery’s Red Velvet cupcakes when you don’t feel like baking your own:
Or you could have some lobster noodles at Lido Restaurant, Leicester Square:
Then finish everything off with some Nitro ice-cream at Chin Chin Labs:
Oh dear, I really AM such a GLUTTON! +__+ Staying in sleepy Canterbury made me realise how much I miss vibrant London! =(

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