My Current Lust List!

I’m always lusting after make-up / skin care products so I’m going to try listing down only five products I really, really want! 
*takes a deep breath*
Here goes!
nicked from Chanel’s Website
Beautiful, beautiful colours, aren’t they? Not exactly cheap at £22.50 a pop and I hear these eyeshadows have a very unique texture! I’e got my eye on Emerveille which is the pinky / peachy shade (top row far right) as I’m not very adventurous with colours! =p What’s your favourite shade?
again, nicked from Chanel
It’s meant to be used as an iridescent eyeshadow but I will definitely use it as a highlighter / blush! Sigh if only I can afford it! =p So very pretty and limited edition too so grab this one before it sells out! 
photo nicked off SpaceNK
Terry de Gunzberg is the one who created Touche Eclat and he created this too! I’ve been reading rave reviews about this product but at £33 it’s a little steep! Then again you do get more product at 6.5ml as opposed to Touche Eclat’s 2.5ml (retails at £24.50)!! Good value for money if you’re asking me! Then money no enough…. *sighs*
photo nicked from Selfridges
A bit of a frivolous want, this! I saw it in person at Selfridges a few weeks back and I thought it looked quite pretty! Then again I wouldn’t be using it and at £61.50 it’s way too expensive and pretty to use! A girl can only wish, can’t she? 😉 
photo nicked from Diptyque
Aah….. Diptyque candles! Luxury candles I can only imagine smelling *sniffs air* =p I’m waiting for their sale but I can’t bring myself to buy something I’ll be burning away after and at £38 I don’t think my parents will be too happy =p 
So there you go! I managed to ‘shrink’ my extremely long lust list! Do you have any items (beauty or not) that you are currently lusting after? Do let me know! =p 
Happy Saturday everyone! xxx

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