Lo Mai Kai (Sticky Glutinous Rice) to warm the soul.

I’m like a pregnant lady who craves food all the time. Sadly I never get what I crave when in the UK because I crave the most ridiculous items like:
1. Durian (Okay they sell this in London’s Chinatown but I live in Canterbury)
2. Char Koay Teow (the authentic one, fried over a charcoal stove with charred bits)
3. Roti Canai (none of that frozen Paratha bits you get in Asda)
4. Seafood. Fresh, cheap seafood. Sigh I miss crabs!
5. and the list goes on and on.
I had this really serious craving for sticky rice a few days ago which led me to check out Pig Pig’s Corner and the recipe didn’t look too difficult! This then led to a crazy impulse e-shopping trip at Starry Asian Market   where I picked up Glutinous rice, Shao Xing wine and what not!
The recipe belongs to Pig Pig’s Corner and you can see it here
First you will need to marinate the Chicken and Mushrooms overnight:
The marinade consists of dark and light soy sauce, some Shao Xing wine, oyster sauce, sesame oil, ground white pepper and some sugar. Please check out the original recipe  as the lazy me doesn’t want to retype the entire recipe out. =p 
Then you need to soak the glutinous rice overnight or else your rice will not cook! 
I don’t have a huge steamer so I DIYed one! It didn’t work very well as this method did not steam the rice evenly lol!
First, get the biggest pot in the house and fill it with some water:
Put the metal bowl / smaller pot on top of it:
Pop the pot’s lid on and you’re ready to go! Just remember to fluff the rice with a fork 15 minutes into steaming the rice!
Not ideal but I’ve got to make do with whatever I have! =p 
I like skinning my chinese sausages (because goodness knows if the ‘case’ is made out of plastic :s) 
Place the Chinese Sausages on top of the rice after you’ve fluffed it and let it cook for another 20 minutes (I let mine cook for an extra 40 minutes as the rice still wasn’t cook after 20 minutes hehe)
Then again, steaming the rice gives you ample time to stir-fry the chicken and mushrooms!
Once done, you can either arrange them in a large bowl or in small bowls like how I did it because I didn’t have a pot big enough to accommodate a big bowl! 
Fill the cooked glutinous rice to the brim! Make sure you press the rice down firmly or the shape wouldn’t hold! 
Then steam it again for a further 30 minutes and you’re ready to devour it! =p
The above photo was hastily taken because I couldn’t wait to tuck in! It’s delicious albeit slightly tedious due to the waiting time! 
Taste-wise, the bf commented it tastes just like the Lo Mai Kai we eat at home! So yummy and sticky! =p 
If you love cooking please check Pig Pig’s Corner out, she has lovely recipes!! =) 

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