July’s Glossybox is finally here!

After what seems like eternity (these days even one day can be counted as eternity), my Glossybox finally arrived at 8.32am today. I was still groggy when the door bell went off so the bf collected the parcel, left it outside the door and went out to work!!! <3 him for not waking me up hehe (he doesn't approve of me subscribing to such 'nonsense'! Anyway, this is what I got in this month’s Glossybox:

Blink+Go strip lashes! It comes with lash glue as well and I am quite excited about this as I have never applied false eyelashes before! Might just take this along for my weekend getaway =) This retails at £8.95 by the way. 
Next up we’ve got two teeny vials of Etat Libre perfume! I have never tried (or heard of) this brand before. According to Etat Libre, 

‘The essence has created this perfume that frees the senses and opens the heart. This is the scent of sensual liberation… ‘

Ooh, I like! =p I have no idea how much this costs, by the way. 
Illamasqua Pure pigment in Tingle! This is a full-sized item that retails at £15.50. It seems this has not been released on the website just yet! 
As seen from the swatch on the website, Tingle appears to be a cool silver shimmer and this supposedly gives a high-shine metallic finish of pure colour to eyes and cheeks. I’m not very good with eye shadow at the moment but I am extremely excited to receive a colour that hasn’t been put on the market yet (or so I think!) =) 
Yet another full-sized product, Ciate’s Nail Enamel in Kitten Heels 036. The first thing that came to my mind when I set my eyes on this product was:
‘Omg this is such a bold, vampy colour I doubt I’ll ever use it!’

On second thought….
‘Maybe I’ll use it on my toes hehe!’

Yes, ladies. I talk to myself. I entertain myself that way =) This is a bright, shimmery, bold-in-your-face kind of red colour that I wouldn’t purchase myself but then again, change is always good. =) I tried to look up this shade on the Ciate website but it’s not there! I’m guessing it has been discontinued.. 
Cost: £9
Last but not least, the biggest full-sized (and probably the most expensive) product I received in this month’s Glossybox:
A Body Oil from Weleda! I adore natural products and I have Weleda’s Birch Oil and Scrub (for my bulging, orange peel bits) and this just came as a lovely surprise! Okay well, it wasn’t much of a surprise as I must be the last person in the UK to receive her Glossybox =( It retails at a hefty £19.95 and as a student, I wouldn’t have forked out this amount to purchase it in the first place! 
This month’s Glossybox is so much better than last month’s! I didn’t blog about it as I was incredibly disappointed at what I received… 
This, was how disappointing my June Glossybox was! I promised the boyfriend I will be cancelling my subscription after this month’s Glossybox comes in but I’m now thinking if I should keep paying £10 a month and hope every month’s Glossybox will be like July’s! 
Just for fun, I totalled up the cost of all the products in the box (for July):
£8.95 + £15.50 + £9 + £19.95 (I omitted the perfume vials) = £53.50 !!
This month’s box is certainly a bargain but then again, remember this is somewhat a gamble as you won’t get to choose what you want and there is a chance that you will not enjoy what you receive in the post, making the £10 not worthwhile (just like how I felt when I received June’s Glossybox) 
As for me, I might just give August’s Glossybox another chance, tee hee!  
p/s: from September onwards Glossybox will be charging an extra £2.95 for postage / packaging, bringing the total cost of having a monthly box delivered to £12.95! I’m not too sure if I will be willing to fork out another £2.95 extra but we’ll see how August’s box goes! =) 


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