It’s summer and the fruits are out!

I love summer. Not for the hot humid weather that comes with it but for the fruits!! All my favourite fruits – the berries, cherries are particularly cheap during this season which makes things even better!
I am extremely lucky to be staying in a lovely home with a small fruit orchard for a backyard! 
Behold one of two Victorian Plum trees we have in our garden:
This tree grows at the side of the house and FK’s room overlooks the plum trees! Here’s another close up shot of the plums
These aren’t the regular reddish plums you get from supermarkets at home! They take on a yellowish-peachish hue and turn a deep shade of red just before they go bad! Taste wise, they are extremely sweet and juicy! Then again, as it’s organic, we have to be extremely careful before sinking our teeth into these juicy fruits because….. 
HAHAHA! I was about to eat it when I felt something tickling my nose. O.o 
I picked a few plums (all are ripe) of different colours just to show you what colours these plums come in (from the very same tree):
We also have a thief in the house who’s been stealing all our cobnuts: 
We have a resident squirrel who gnaws away at all our cobnuts. Nevertheless, the resident monkey (the boyfriend, for the uninitiated) came out with a brilliant plan which involved a ladder and a few poles in an attempt to pick the rest of the cobnuts for our own consumption. =)
Other than plums and cobnuts, we have apple trees, a fig trees and 3 pear trees (but I forgot to take photos of our lush pear trees)
Say hello to the cooking apples:
Not quite ready for picking yet! So are the figs.. I can’t wait to eat them!
I will take more photos of the garden when it stops raining! =) 


  1. Paris B / Pink Paris August 8, 2011 / 09:59

    Lucky gal! I'm drooling just looking at all the fruits! Now go make some lovely apple pie with those apples 😀

  2. S August 9, 2011 / 21:04

    Haha thank you! I think the apples are not quite ready yet though.. =p

  3. Arhani "Hanny&q August 10, 2011 / 16:38

    Hehlo girl!! I finally found your blog!! And what a lovely garden you have here! ^.^I'm salivating just at the sight of your fruits. ^.^ Not the worm tho. I freak out at the sight of worms, seriously.

  4. S August 10, 2011 / 16:41

    Hello! Aww thank you very much! You should come visit! =) I promise I'll keep all worms away from you =p

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