How I Unwind After a Tiring Day!

My part-time job requires me to work long hours where I’ll be on my feet for over 6-7 hours in a day. By the time I get home my feet are extremely sore and tired, which inspired me to write this post as I’ve had a long day at work today. =)
I usually have a nice, hot shower and then apply Weleda’s Pomegranate Body Oil straight after when my body’s still slightly damp. This way, I find I use less product and my skin’s less greasy! The scent is not too overpowering and kind of switches my brain into its ‘relaxed’ mood. =) I got this from last month’s Glossybox!
I use The Body Shop’s Divine Calm Relaxing Massage Oil on days when my shoulders feel tense as the scent (lavender) really eases all the tension away and this never fails to send me off to dreamland soon after using this. I checked online and this costs £8! I don’t remember paying that much for it.. Then again it’s been ages since I last purchased something from The Body Shop.
Then there’s Liz Earle’s Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion which is perfect if you suffer from sore eyes after staring at the computer screen for long hours. I simply pour some lotion onto a cotton pad, split it into two and place them on my eyes for about 5-10 minutes. I keep this next to my laptop so I can use it whenever my eyes feel tired. According to the website, this works for people who suffer from hayfever too so yay for versatile products! This costs £9.70 and I got it from John Lewis in Oxford Street.
Last but not least, a recent discovery! Sana Esteny Cooling Massage Gel for legs! This is a godsend for tired legs! I do not massage the gel into my legs because I find the cooling sensation somewhat disappears should you do that! Instead I apply a thin layer all over my legs just before I go to bed. This gives out the coolest (literally) tingling feeling and I wake up the next morning feeling refreshed! I try not to use this every night as I’m afraid I’ll run out of it lol! I think I paid around USD14 for this on Ebay. 
So how do you unwind after a long day at work? =)



  1. Arhani "Hanny&q August 16, 2011 / 16:48

    Hot shower for me and then a nap. ^.^ Yes, I know, I'm living in Malaysia, and its not good for my skin to take hot showers, but I slap on moisturizer after that. 30 mins to 2 hours later, I am energized and ready to face the night (usually, assignments).

  2. S August 16, 2011 / 16:50

    Hello Hanny! I can never take a hot shower back home unless i'm taking a shower early in the morning! Also, I can't seem to apply any body creams / lotions as I get that sticky, uncomfortable feeling :s Random note of the day: I hear people who nap live longer! =p

  3. Arhani "Hanny&q August 16, 2011 / 18:06

    Wow. Didn't know that. Of course, the downside is having to drag meself up in the morning at 6.30, grrr. The things I do for parking spaces.

  4. S August 16, 2011 / 18:13

    LOL! I used to do that too! I must have my car parked right in front of McDonalds (Taylors) during those A-Level days else I'll throw a hissy fit. =p

  5. Arhani "Hanny&q August 17, 2011 / 00:34

    OMG! That's what I do now. If my car is not near to the Uni's exit I'll be sour the whole day. ^.^

  6. S August 17, 2011 / 03:21

    High Five!! =p Do you think we've got some kind of OCD going on? =p

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