August’s Glossybox is…. MEH. =(

After July’s Glossybox, I mentioned I have high hopes for August’s Glossybox as I was really pleased with last month’s goodies… 
This month, however.. I’m not very happy with my selection of ‘goodies’… 
Item number one:  Murad’s Time Release Blemish Cleanser
Cleanser. For blemishes. Did I tell you I have bad skin? =( Boo. Next!
Ahava Mineral Body Lotion
Okay, an Ahava new-range body lotion. travel-sized. Next!
Daniel Sandler’s Baby Jet Mascara (Full-Size)
Daniel who? Upon looking him up (thank you, Google!) I discover he’s a leading celebrity make-up artist and he’s got his very own make-up range! Sorry I don’t know who he is, I only know (and worship) my beloved Lisa Eldridge
Mascaras scare me. Because I can never manage to apply it properly and usually ending up poking myself in the eye! Also, most of the mascaras I’ve tried smudge on me and it’s not like I need anymore help with my ginormous eye bags, y’know. But I will give this one a go as it says this mascara is 
‘especially ideal for very short lashes around the inner and outer corner of eyes. The Micro-fine brush is perfect for precise, non-messy application.’

The next one is something I probably will never, ever use:
KMS California Hairstay Style Boost (Full-Size)
This is some kinda ‘weightless style foundation’ that provides heat protection and ‘an invisible style foundation’ for all hairtypes. Glossybox calls this a hair primer. Interesting. I’m not sure if my temperamental scalp will appreciate me using this product but we’ll see. 
Lastly, Rebel Nails Nail Wraps!
The only item I’m most excited about in this month’s box!! I was ogling at Paris B‘s Leopard Print ‘manicure’  but was telling myself 
‘Sigh no money and no patience to do it. Will probably break all the stickers and call it a day’ 
But this coincidentally came in the mail!!! I also think it will be easier to manage since this sticker set are for my toes! *wiggles toes in glee* 
I will get down to this over the weekend and post, um the end results if only you lovelies wouldn’t gag at the sight of my terribly ingrown toe nails! =p 
Will I repurchase? ARGH. I don’t know. Lets see how I get on with these products =p I personally feel it’s still quite worth it seeing both the KMS California and Daniel Sandler products cost over £10 each but is it worth me shelling out £10 a month for? 
We will see. Muahahahaha! =p 


  1. Paris B / Pink Paris August 19, 2011 / 21:28

    babes, the stickers go on your fingers! Don't waste them on your toes!! Summer's nearly over!!

  2. S August 19, 2011 / 22:19

    Paris B: But it says it's for toes! I'll try putting them on my fingers anyway but I don't think I'll be very successful at it! =p

  3. Lily August 19, 2011 / 23:46

    Hey, did you try the horrible mascara with Flippy?

  4. Arhani "Hanny&q August 20, 2011 / 00:16

    Hmmm, they sound pretty decent to me. ^.^ One thing about mascaras is that you need practice and practice. ^.^

  5. S August 20, 2011 / 17:39

    Lily : hello Lily! I don't have flippy so I can't try it out yet 🙁 thanks for dropping by!Hanny : sigh! I have the most shaky hands ever known to mankind!

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