Review: MAC’s Semi Precious range: Rose Quartz and Crystal Pink Mineralize Skinfinishes!

I’ve never been excited about M.A.C. Ever. Even though I’ve heard so much about it and their releases always look oh-so-pretty and the people who know me know how I’m so much like a magpie who is constantly attracted to pretty, shiny things. =p
I am one who is extremely particular about customer service. If the service is bad, I never, ever go back to the shop, no matter how good the product is! Take my experience in Bluewater for example where I was in Boots trying to purchase a Clinique mascara as I heard their mascara never smudges! I stood at the counter for a good 15 minutes and the SA never did once look at me! She instead carried on chatting with her colleague (who works at the Clarins counter) and the bf was the one who dragged me away from the counter saying it just wasn’t worth waiting for her! 
I was going to leave Boots when the SA from Lancome approached me asking if she could be of any help and no prizes for the correct guess…. I went home with a Lancome mascara and am still fond of their mascaras to this date! 
With M.A.C, it goes way back in I think 2007/2008 when I was shopping for a Christmas present for Mum. Knowing how much she loves lipsticks (I think that’s the only one make-up product she constantly uses) I stepped into M.A.C at Midvalley Megamall (my first time in a M.A.C shop) as I was attracted by their huge array of lipsticks! 
A M.A.C SA approached me immediately and asked if I needed help and I casually mentioned I wanted to buy a lipstick for my Mum. She then ushered me to their Christmas collection (I think) and showed me a set of BROWN LIPSTICKS and kept saying
‘oh this will be perfect for your mother. You buy LAARRRRRR’ 
and literally shoved it into my face.
Taken aback, I said no Mum doesn’t like Brown lipsticks (I obviously know because I have never seen my mother in a BROWN lipstick)
She then argued with me saying 
‘You are a small girl you don’t know one lah.’
I then spotted a set of pink-ish lipsticks and said I wanted to purchase them and the SA said
‘Aiyo girl that one out of stock already lah you so slow in coming to buy’
I then got a little upset and said I want to look at the single lipsticks (I was actually there to purchase not one, but two and maybe three lipsticks) and she said
‘What for you buy only one lipstick? Not like you are poor also.’
I then politely told her I have to think about it and was about to walk out of the store when she just had to say this
‘If you have no money then don’t waste my time lah.’
Furious, I stormed to Bobbi Brown (whose shop is really close to M.A.C’s) where I had excellent service and I purchased a Lipstick palette. 
I have never stepped into M.A.C since…. Until a couple of days ago while I was walking around Fenwick in Canterbury… 
oops, I didn’t actually realise this was going to be a long, ranty post! Sorry everyone! Anyway, long story short.. Fenwick do the most amazing Summer Sales and I was going through the Beauty counters in hope of garnering some bargains *cheapo self emerges* and so I came to the M.A.C. counter and I saw their Semi-Precious range!
I was really attracted to the MSFs but I told myself 
‘If the service is shitty then I will just walk away. JUST WALK AWAY’
I was quietly chanting this ‘mantra’ of mine when an SA came up to me and said 
‘Need help, love?’
I then said I didn’t know how to use the MSFs (It’s true I did say I’m really bad with make-up) and she was extremely patient with me, showing me which brush to use and how to swirl the MSF and all that jazz. 
She wasn’t pushy *bonus point*
She didn’t even try selling M.A.C’s brushes but instead, recommended Eco Tools to me *big shiny eyes*
And was ever so kind to sit with me for a good 45 minutes matching my skin colour, going through all of M.A.C’s products with me *more bonus points*
Of course, I couldn’t walk away empty handed. LOL!
Here’s a close-up shot of the Rose Quartz MSF. 
The base’s a really pretty pink with an inner circle which consists of green-ish, copper-ish, red-ish shimmering colours! 
The SA mentioned I can swirl a brush all over the colours and use it as a blush and then pick up a smaller contouring brush and use the inner circle as a highlighter! 2-in-1 product! *likes it as it is gimmicky and shiny*
I still have a lot to learn when it comes to taking photos of swatches! But you can see how the base colour’s just such a lovely pink which is very pigmented and I only need a very, very light dusting on my cheeks for it to show up! The glitter particles in the inner circle are tiny and it looks very pretty when dusted onto my cheekbones! 
The next MSF I purchased was the Crystal Pink MSF which is even more versatile than the Rose Quartz MSF!
I’m not very good at describing colour but the base colour of this MSF is a champagne-ish pink whereas the inner circle has bits of green, bronze and pink!
Where the Rose Quartz MSF is a little more glittery, this one gives you a nice sheen BUT! Overdo it and you will look like a disco ball. 
Apparently, I can use this as a blush, highlighter and even a bronzer according to the SA as I’m rather fair! I have yet to use this as a bronzer as I do not know how +__+ so I guess I’ll leave the bronzer part and stick to using it as a highlighter / blush! 
I have a feeling I will be purchasing more M.A.C products in the future, thanks to this lovely SA!
However, bread and water’s all I’m having from now on… =(


  1. Samantha Lee Shin August 17, 2011 / 08:03

    @@Just stumbled upon your blog and goshhh… how I gritted my teeth when I heard of your unpleasant experience with MUA. Yes, I do believe that's mostly the case in Malaysia, where SA of more prestige brands seems to be so high up and cocky, and they judge customers by what they wear too. Sigghhh….

  2. S August 17, 2011 / 16:55

    Hello Samantha! I do not think I will ever step into another MAC store in Malaysia. Are you Malaysian too? I have had countless experiences with SAs of the more prestigious brands where I will be dressed really casually and they don't even give you a second look even though you've been going round their counter for ages! =(

  3. Lily August 17, 2011 / 20:46

    Love both of these! Too bad they're out of stock already…

  4. S August 17, 2011 / 20:48

    Hello Lily!Are they out of stock in M'sia already? =( There's still some stock over here though Thank you for dropping by! xx

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