Review: Guerlain Rouge G 05 Gracieuse is lush!

This, is why I have been making Fenwick my second home for the last 2 weeks. =p Having read so much about these luxury lipsticks, I finally bought myself one and I only have Paris B to blame because she does such lovely swatches and speaks so terribly highly of Guerlain that it prompted me to jump onto the bandwagon and I even dragged the bf into purchasing some for his sisters  and mother. =p 
I have to say, this is pure luxury. Price is cut throat too at £28.50 which is more than what I spend on groceries in a week :s Anyway, more photos of this pretty product!
Two mirrors pop out when you slide the lipstick out! Genius! The case is heavy, as mentioned by many bloggers alike but I don’t mind the weight at all! I just can’t stop staring at it simply because it is way. too. pretty!! 
I have a teeny feeling this lipstick is being discontinued as I found it in the sales stash (what do you think? A poor student like me can never afford the price tag of this beauty!) Now on how to describe the colour…. 
It’s such a lovely copperish-brown and it has a very pretty gold shimmer to it! Texture is smooth and I was initially worried this may look too dark on my pale skin but I was pleasantly surprised as it doesn’t have the fierce look most red lipsticks carry but it did bring warmth to my otherwise pale face in a very good way!
Please excuse the breakouts around the mouth area.. The bf says I’m breaking out around the mouth area due to me being a glutton! =( 
Now you are probably wondering how much this lipstick cost……. =)
Tadah! Cheaper than a Clinique lipstick, slightly more expensive than a M.A.C lippie! Amazing, isn’t it? 😉 


  1. Paris B / Pink Paris July 29, 2011 / 19:21

    Eeks! That's a gorgeous colour and an even more gorgeous price! Am glad you gave into this as opposed to a MAC lippie – aren't you glad too? 😉

  2. S July 29, 2011 / 19:22

    Haha hello Paris! Yes I am extremely glad I gave into this! =p I will be heading down to Fenwick's this saturday as they're doing their FINAL reductions! I might pick another up and send it to you because you are such a lovely person! xx

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