Review: Origins Make a Difference Moisturizers really made a difference…. Not in a very good way!

I really want to be fond of Origins’ products. I love their concept, I love their ingredients but somehow, my skin doesn’t seem to agree with this brain of mine! 
I have been constantly breaking out over the last couple of months and no, it’s not just down to that time of the month but the bf noticed my skin constantly has zits popping out! Thank goodness it’s not full blown acne (yet) but I always have a zit or two making an appearance on my usually near-flawless complexion! 
I have been trying really hard to see what’s gone wrong in my skin care regime and I think these moisturizers may be one of the culprits! 
Mum got me these moisturizers during CNY (many a month ago) where I have constantly been using the day moisturizer as well as the night one! 
Before I go any further, here’s a swatch of both the moisturizers:
As you can see, the day moisturizer / skin rejuvenating moisturizer is thicker, creamier and stickier whereas the night moisturizer (which is a gel-cream, btw) seems more watery, which I prefer as it absorbs quickly into the skin.
The day moisturizer seems to stay on the surface of my skin all day and it makes me extremely uncomfortable even though I use a tiny amount! I believe this product breaks me out as my skin started getting bumpy after using this for a few days :'( 
The gel-cream, on the other hand seems to work alright as I stopped using the day moisturizer and carried on with the night moisturizer and the bumps on my skin went away, yay! 
Having said so, I think the problem lies with the day moisturizer as my skin doesn’t like cream-based products and it definitely didn’t hesitate to tell me so through my constant break outs =( 
Here’s another photo of the moisturizers, blended out just so you can see the difference in textures..
The night moisturizer blends out a lot easier and doesn’t leave a white cast on your skin! Even though the day moisturizer does not have any SPF, it still leaves a whitish cast which really annoyed me. The fact that I went about town with a face that felt greasy annoyed me further but I didn’t have the heart to stop using the product as it wasn’t cheap and it was something Mum bought for me <3 
I have since downgraded the day moisturizer as a neck moisturizer =p Hopefully I won’t get neck pimples :s 
Day Moisturizer Rating: 1/5
Night Moisturizer Rating: 3/5 (because I’m not sure if this plays a part in giving me zits)