Review: L’occitane Lavender Vinegar banishes unsightly zits!

If you do not suffer from hormonal outbreaks / spots please look away. But if you are like any other person who has to live with the pain (and ugliness) of having the unsightly red, sometimes yellow zit please read on! 
My spots are hormonal. They are triggered by the bloody period. Yes I hate having period because I get the worst cramps anyone can imagine and the flow is usually extremely heavy that I have to resort to using extremely heavy duty Laurier pads that my dear Aunt BSiew calls ‘baby diapers’ because it is just so thick!
Okay I think I’ve digressed enough. My close friends will notice the outbreak and go ‘it’s that time of that month’ or ‘oh you’ve got the curse’ +__+ Sometimes the marks left by the old zits will cling on to my face for months at an end! *sobs*
I still am on the search for the God of all Pimple healers where the pimple heals itself overnight but this has been a staple in my skin care kit for years! Since 2000 to be exact, when L’occitane first arrived on Malaysian shores =)
At that time, I could still remember how I was drawn to that lovely lavender scent and when swiped on my hand it gave out such a cooling effect (thank you Alcohol Denat) that it was love at first touch! Little did I know this thing stings like a bitch on raw, just-squeezed pimples +__+
Here’s the ingredient list. The rather short list is a nice change, isn’t it? 
The top of the bottle! The suggested way of using this product is to apply directly onto the blemishes with a cotton swab. Me? I just use my clean finger because I think using cotton swabs waste quite a lot of product. 
L’occitane says:
Rich in naturally purifying, antiseptic and astringent lavender essential oil, this concentrated formula reduces small blemishes for healthier looking skin.

 Note that the description actually mentions ‘small blemishes’! You must be wondering ‘oh dear, what about my fully-blown massive zits?’ Not to worry though as they do work with blemishes of a larger size though my skin isn’t acne-prone so I cannot tell if this will help if you have acne-prone skin! 
My verdict:
I have been using this for years and years and due to its antiseptic qualities I have a very strong feeling I have this to thank for my size-controlled blemishes! My pimples do not usually spread all over the face even though I quite like squeezing them and I do not usually squeeze them properly. I use the term properly loosely as many people will make sure they squeeze all the ‘bad blood’ out until a runny watery-like fluid comes out of the zit to ensure the ‘root’ of the pimple has been squeezed out. Apparently you will get more pimples all over the area should you decide not to squeeze all the blood out, which is something I do all the time lol! 
On whether it shrinks the blemishes, this is no miracle product but it does heal blemishes well! It usually takes about 2-3 days for the zit to dry up but I am not fussed about having a spot or two, or even three on my face as it’s not permanent =p 
Something I find useful about this is that it goes well under or over sunblock / make up! I have Clinique’s Blemish Solution Gel which does not go well with my sunblock as the sticky texture of the Blemish Gel makes the blemish stick out like a sore thumb =( I will review that soon as I think that is a rather good Pimple Banisher too! 
I hope L’occitane never ever discontinues this because I love this product so very much! 
Rating: 5/5 (HG)


  1. Reeling...Blipss June 24, 2011 / 07:13

    The joy of popping pimples and the lovely smell of lavendar make the monthly affair much bearable don't they. Hugs=)

  2. Elizabeth Marshall March 31, 2016 / 17:02

    L’Occitane Lavender Vinegar is the ONLY product that will stop cold sores/fever blisters dead in their tracks. Applied with a Q-tip at the first sign of itching, or a blister already developed, this is the only treatment sure to stop it.

    There are commercial creams and other products advertised as cold sore treatments. They don’t work nearly as well.

    BUT! I am told L’Occitane has discontinued their Lavender Vinegar. At least offered in the US. Is this true?

    If L’Occitane has indeed stopped making/selling it, can they release their formula or proper proportional blend of the ingredients used? It’s a simple list of ingredients, but I expect the proportions are important.

    • Sukie June 8, 2016 / 14:21

      Hi there, L’occitane has discontinued the Lavender Vinegar for years now! =(

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