Review: Jemma Kidd Make Up School Hi-Shine Silk Touch Lipgloss 15 (Coral), Red Magazine July 2011 FREEBIE!

Shhh! *crosses fingers and hopes the boyfriend will never ever stumble upon this page* 
I succumbed again! *sighs* but how can anyone NOT love coral lipglosses?!? 
Once again, working at a convenience store will be the death of me. I ‘stumbled’ (okay lah I always stalk the magazine section in search of freebies) upon the section and this glorious sight greeted me. The lipgloss is full-sized (a very generous 6ml!) and is priced at £14. 
Red magazine: £3.80 and you get a free lipgloss that’s worth £14? That’s way too good to miss! I hastily fumbled for some change in my already deep pockets and fished out some dough for this! 
Then again, I was coach-bound for a good two hours later in the day and I DO NEED reading material to entertain me! =p
actually i shouldn’t have read on the coach it made me feel really ill. car-sickness perhaps? :s

Oh another point to make: I never knew Red sold travel-sized versions of their magazine! (which gave me an extra reason to purchase this, btw)
So hello, Cat Deeley! 
Here’s a closer look at the lipgloss. Many apologies as this photo does not depict the true colour of the lipgloss. I still have a lot to learn when it come to taking colour-perfect photos! =)
This has a doe-foot applicator! I’m not fussy when it comes to applicators as they don’t bother me… Unless it applies unevenly on my lips. 
This swatch on my hand is more colour-correct than the photo of the gloss! As usual, I only swiped it once and it’s quite pigmented albeit a little sticky!
Here it is applied on my lips. My skin’s been acting up at the moment and I am no where being a photoshop pro so forgive this extremely unforgiving lip photo of mine! I love the colour though!
Texture wise, it’s a little sticky but then again, most lip glosses are so no complaints on that! It smells….. slightly synthetic (chemical-ish) but the smell dissipates after a while but even so, no one likes the thought of putting chemicals on your lips (I am totally contradicting myself as lipglosses ARE made out of chemicals) but I much rather live in denial (thank you fragrances). I don’t know if it’s just me but everytime I open the tube I get a subtle whiff of chemicals. 
I would not spent £14 on a lipgloss (that’s extortion for a poor student like me) but I’m glad I managed to try this thanks to monthly magazine freebies! 
Don’t you love magazine freebies? =p
Rating: 2.5/5 (after much deliberation, the scent does bug me.)