Review: Avène Thermal Spring Water

I’ve heard/seen Avene’s Thermal Spring Water for the longest time, first being my Auntie who uses it quite a bit, according to the Mother who is extremely skeptical of this can of ‘plain water’, as she calls it. 
Being the rebel that I am I decided to give this a go (when I’m in the UK, of course) and boy oh boy, Mum if you call this plain water, wait till you give the LIMESCALY HARD WATER in Canterbury a go. You will look like you are 60 in no time. 😉 
As mentioned on the packaging itself, this is no plain tap / filtered water but Thermal water from Avene’s thermal spring in France which comes packed with minerals and all things good. =)
So how does it fare on my sensitive skin? Avene has always been known for it’s dedication towards skin sensitivity (yay) and I have to say this really does bring the redness in my face down (especially after being in the burning UK sun – when it shows itself, that is) 
I have an extremely bad habit. I love reading in the garden. If the weather’s nice I will drag a chair out and prop myself under the tree and start reading. Problem is, the sunny weather here is no where like the HEAT you get at home where it’s constantly humid and hot. Here, you get such a lovely breeze and you assume lovely breeze = no burn because you can’t really feel the heat. 
I think I just proved to the world I’m an idiot. :s But anyway, I burn really easily (even though I was hiding in the shade!) and this was the first thing that came to mind and I quickly spritzed some onto my face. The cooling effect is instantaneous and it really relieves the pain and brought the redness down!!
During the not-so-summery-days I use this after toner right before serum / moisturizer as I believe a light spritz of this helps me make my serum / moisturizer last longer as I seem to be using less of them as the Spring Water lets the serum glide easily over my face! Anything that helps make my rather costly serums go a longer way is a plus for me! 
I got my 150ml can for £6.50 at Boots when they were doing their 3 for 2 offer (a long time ago) so this actually cost me about £4.30, which is not too bad considering one can lasts between one to two months! 
Now that I’ve incorporated this into my seemingly endless skincare routine, my skin is noticeably softer and smoother! 
Rating: 5/5