Doublebase Gel and HC45 Cortisone Cream for those unsightly bumps on my arms!

Welcome to the world of Keratosis Pilaris (KP) where sufferers bare their upper outer arms in their utmost bumpy glory! This only hit me when I landed in the glorious UK, land of hayfever, rain and KP (for me at least). I do not know if it’s the hot showers I enjoy or it’s the water or it’s just my skin being rebellious but I first felt those bumpy arms in my second year (3 years ago now) at uni and I decided to see a GP about it. 
Talk about GPs. The ones at the Uni Medical Centre are so rubbish that they ask you what do you think you need to be given, which does really get on my nerves. Le sigh. The first time I approached one on the bumpy arms (didn’t know they were KP at first, I don’t even think I knew what KP was back in the day) and he just prescribed me Cortisone cream and said to ‘APPLY ALL OVER THE AREA’.
Bad, bad idea. Next morning my arm turned into a chunk of extremely pink raw pork. I couldn’t be bothered going to the GP again because the Medical Centre runs on a Triage system where you ring them up, tell the receptionist your problem and then they will take a few minutes (10-15) to speak to a doctor about your condition and then the doctor will evaluate if you should see a nurse or a doctor AND then only call you back with an appointment. 
It frustrates me so much (I’m not a very patient person) that I just decided to hop onto the next bus and get straight into Boots. 
I approached the Pharmacy counter in Boots and the lovely pharmacist recommended applying a cream BEFORE cortisone as it helps the cortisone absorb into your skin better and you SHOULD NEVER APPLY CORTISONE ALL OVER YOUR ARM. Instead, only dab the cortisone onto those SPOTS. 
GRRR bloody GP. It took over a week for the redness to go away I hate my genes. =( 
For some reason unbeknownst to me, I only use either Doublebase OR E45 cream with cortisone as I somehow feel the fragrance / other chemicals in other lotions will make my skin errupt in boils :s but that is just me being paranoid, methinks! 
I love Doublebase because it absorbs into the skin so quickly and I have used this on my cheeks when they peel during those cold, windy winter months and it feels so light and comfortable. This was actually prescribed to me by a GP in my first year where I suffered from severe scaly / peeling skin. I absolutely love Doublebase and I personally prefer it to E45 but it seems easier to get hold of E45 as it’s sold everywhere whereas I think only pharmacies sell Doublebase. 
This, is my remedy for the ever-annoying KP. What’s yours? =)

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