Project 365: DAY 38 (Car in my Drive)

This beauty belongs to a very good friend of mine who has come to town for a couple of days! She’s staying over at another friend’s place where parking is unavailable so this cute car landed i my drive!
I had so much fun having lunch with her (Caprese paninis at Rutherford Bar) and we then CLIMBED HILLS just to get to her OTHER friend’s house to move the car over to mine! We then walked down to town (a good 20 minute walk) for some girly time (Carla had to get a dress for a relative’s wedding) while I had to get some blueberries. I am insanely addicted to Mark and Spencer’s BLUEBERRIES!! I normally get the Spring Blue variety from Morocco because they are extremely fragrant and sweet! The Spanish Star variety isn’t as nice! 
In all, a lovely day and I am dreading the meeting with my dissertation supervisor tomorrow gah. =(

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