Project 365: DAY 26 (Starbucks, McDonalds and Cosmopolitan Mag)

I was at Starbucks today where I bought yet another box of Starbucks Via (Tribute blend, limited edition, apparently) where I got myself a FREE, yes FREE TALL sized SKINNY mocha frappucino with a shot of caramel syrup added in + WHIPPED CREAM. (you get a free tall sized handcrafted drink with every purchase of a box of 12 Starbucks Via IF you pay with your registered Starbucks Card) Haha yes how contradictory. Having a skinny frappucino with whipped cream just cancels all it’s so-called ‘low fat’ properties. Aih. =p 
The paper bag from McDonalds contains a McChicken Sandwich (£2.49) which comes with a FREE medium fries (because I have an NUS card. It’s the most amazing thing since Boots’ Advantage Card) This is my first time trying this out as I usually go for their Fillet-O-Fish or Quarter Pounder with Cheese OR Big Tasty (the non-halal version with BACON) OR Chicken McNuggets! (okay, that sentence had loads of ‘ORS’) haha! What did I think of the burger? It was okay lah. I wasn’t really in the mood for a burger but I was craving fries thus had to get the burger coz I wanted free fries because I’m such a cheapskate like that. Haha Mother would be proud 😉
Spot the flowery motif behind the frappucino? It’s a Dorothy Perkins bag!! Which came FREE with Cosmpolitan’s June issue =) =) I initially did not plan to purchase the magazine because I find it a little too ‘adult’ for my liking but one of my friend paraded it in front of me this morning and OH MY GOODNESS cannot resist I just had to purchase a copy FML. Just for the bag. It’s made out of extremely durable and thick material, unlike the Cath Kidston bag which came free with Easy Living which is a lot thinner. 
Anyhoo…. It’s a special day today because I managed to get quite a few FREEBIES (yes even though I had to spend money =p) Spot the baby Starbucks cup? The baristas were doing sample Frappucinos and I got this one in Caramel Cream! I usually go for Caramel Coffee Frappucino with an extra expresso shot because I like the caffeine rush and it takes away the cloying sweetness of the Caramel syrup. I did not quite like the Caramel Cream as it was way too sweet for me. Guess coffee based drinks’ still the best way to go for me!

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  1. xanderkang May 21, 2011 / 17:03

    OMG!!!!it is awesome!!!i want it too!! especially the FREE coffee!!!!=(

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